May you who comes to VITAL GATE receive energetic gifts you will remember forever!

May seeds of beauty and inspiration be planted in your minds!

May you receive alignment with the greater planetary evolutionary plan!

May your destiny be revealed to you!

May all your chakras open up and blossom!

May your third eye wake up with vibrant energy and totally clear your mind!

May you receive unlimited energy!

May your bodies heal and get empowered!

May you access the power, codes and vision to nurture your bodies with exactly what they need!

May you experience sensual awakening and feel the trances of delight, pleasure, love and beauty permeate your beings!

May each second we share together be dedicated to the planet, our galaxy and humankind!

May you experience total, true and deep connection with each other!

May you behave with respect to the place and each other!

May any tensions be dissolved with ease!

May the light shine with power in your heart!

May you feel rooted on this Earth with strength and vibrant presence!

May your kundalini energies wake up and provide nurturing flow to your body, mind and spirit!

May you manifest a state of total energetic and emotional freedom!