Since VITAL GATE start, I have been experimenting with various ways of setting up meals together.

This is mainly for drinks, snacks, breakfast and sometimes lunch.
Right now the idea is that it is gift based.
This means that everyone contributes in ways that feels right for them.
This concerns food preparation, shopping and cleaning.
I keep track as well on an estimation of how much each person is spending more or less.
At this stage, food preparation and cleaning are ok and relatively balanced and almost sustainable right now.
The level of care when it comes to cleaning dishes for instance is not yet ideal but manageable.
The area that is not working right now too well us shopping.
Right now?
50% success with that.
There are some contributions but they are isolated inputs rather than strong and reliable.
The situation is that I will personally spent about $100/week in shopping for the community.
The ideal would be that each resident spends about $50/week in groceries for the community.
Right now, my estimation is that it is way less than that on average for most residents.
Here are my estimations
  • Me – $100/week
  • Resident 1 – $20/week
  • Resident 2 – $10/week
This means that right now I am paying for 80% of the food.
There are a few core points or issues around that.
It is a gift based idea.
This means that everyone contributes in ways that feel right for them
Not everyone will eat the same amount.
I will have lunch, breakfast, snacks and drinks most days.
The other residents will have mostly one meal/day either lunch or breakfast, drinks and snacks
The idea as well is that all food that comes in the kitchen is for everyone.
That’s kind of challenging to sustain.
Some residents including myself started labeling for instance juices with their name to make sure no one else uses them.
Some residents started doing the same with some superfoods and chocolate.
Right now, the main challenge is the huge difference in the money spent by each person.
Right now, it feels out of balance on my end because of doing 90% of the shopping and investing as well 80% of the money spent.
The gift idea works of course if everyone contributes.
Right now though the level of generosity coming from residents is poor and most are in scarcity mode rather than generosity.
It definitely feels out of balance and out of integrity.
The only element that makes it almost sustainable on my end is that out of the $15/person/day fee, $5 can go for food.
This means that I do have a buffer budget right now.
If I take the budget I spend, out of $400 invested each month, $200 are for my own needs right now.
This means that I invest about $200/month for residents.
The “buffer” money would be $5/day/person
That makes it $300/month for 2 residents.
So this buffer money actually covers what I spend for residents.
I end up with $300/month/person for actual rent.
I spend as well around $100/month in various expenses for the house like $50/month cleaning maid + maintenance, gas, etc.
So as a conclusion, the buffer money does cover what I spend on food for the community + the other expenses to run and maintain the place.
This is an introspective exploration and I am realizing things as I write.
The real gift is the care I give to the community, the time spent shopping and organizing things.
I perform really well on these and we always have supplies for meals.
I do create abundance and live in a space of generosity for the community.
I feel in integrity and in balance.
My perception of the food issue is shifting as I write this article as I realize that the buffer money of $5/day/person covers this money spent.
That’s something that I didn’t fully consider originally when feeling into it today.
I now see that this might be the answer and perspective shift I needed today.
Doing the shopping for the community and myself is in balance as well.
It’s a small gift that others offer as well by helping with food preparation and dishes.
So here it is!
Overall food is good and I am in gratitude for the way it is now.
Didn’t know that this would be the conclusion of this article.
All I need now is just gratitude, a little thank you here and there and respect.
In fact that’s actually the core element that is still missing right now, knowing that everyone appreciates what they get.
Let’s keep that open for now.
What’s essential about this post is not actually food, it is the shadow aspect that actualky emerged as I was writing it.
My perception of this specific issue shifted from out of balanced to relatively balanced.
At first it felt like 20% balanced!
Now it is 80% balanced!
I realize as well that I was simply looking at the situation through the eyes of my own agenda putting myself as the center.
When seen from above, from the eyes of the spirit, the situation is actually quite balanced.
Minor adjustments of course like the gratitude thing could be implemented but we now score “good” on this topic rather than “bad”!