At this stage, it’s $10-$30 sliding scale per person – You pay what you want within that scale – The ones on the upper scale get the nicest spots – So it’s like a betting system in a way – The price is per person, not per room – You have some individual rooms and then some shared spaces very conductive to share intimacy – At this stage, everyone contributes with food – We prepare breakfast and lunch together and everyone contributes in buying groceries – For this to be sustainable, we contribute around $50/week/per person – So that comes to around $500/per person accomdodation with 2 meals included – Realize this though, this is not a place where people arrive and get a service delivered to them – The key is cocreation and I notice that active participation really builds up the energy pretty quick – If people come with greedy or exclusive attitudes, the energy rapidly drops – If you are a fun person and I know I can resonate pretty well with about anyone – Many of those who are attracted to VITAL GATE have lots of attraction experience to make their lives juicy and exciting – come with your gifts, generosity and presence – We will have a fantastic delicious time together.