If you come to live at vital gate, here are a few simple points to keep in mind.

The first thing is that vital gate has already existed for more than a year.

With more than 80 residents and visitors, hundreds of sessions and days of community life, we tested many models and ways of living together.

As a new resident you come into a structure that has already been tested and is extremely solid.

I would like that for the first week of your stay at vital gate you simply accept, surrender and go with the flow of what already exists.

The first goal is not to change things.

Your first step is to merge with what already exists.

Of course I will listen to your feedback if you have suggestions, but I want that for the first week, you simply accept the existing structure exactly the way it is.

After this first test drive week, if there is something deeper in the functioning of the place that needs to be shifted, we will look we at it of course.

The other essential point is that me as leader of vital gate have been testing my leadership style as well.

While I am not perfect and have my own flaws, I believe that I can hold space and direct the energy and the activities of the place in a way that functions well.

We had many events and hundreds of sessions, lots of sharing, and I already got a lot of feedback from previous residents.

I often modified my communication style, behaviors or implemented changes according to the suggestions I received.

Again, what that means is that for the first week of your stay, simply accept me the way I am rather than trying to change me.

This makes my work way easier and will focus your attention on the targets that we selected together before starting.

Thank you!