One of the dimensions of VITAL GATE is the GALACTIC EVOLUTION we are engaged into as human race.

We enter in the zone of our deep story and long term evolution.

It is the preparation for space travel, the transmutation of our physical body into light bodies, unifying our energies into angelic vehicles that project us as pure energetic consciousness.

VITAL GATE is an alignment with this long term plan.

It is a projection into our future.

All our practices are directed towards harmonization and optimization of our personal vehicles so that we can resonate together as one unit of frictionless energy.

Yes, as we enter the bliss zone, the traditional human story dissolves and gives space to the next level of our evolution.

All struggles, pains, fears, traumas that are carried and embedded in human race are dissolved, transmuted and aligned into harmonization.

We raise our frequencies, stimulated energetically by forces that are way vaster than ourselves and have been watching over us since the beginning of time.

GALACTIC ALIGNMENT opens up at VITAL GATE, recreating the ancient history of the pyramids.

The call is on!

GALACTIC RESONANCE is permeating our beings and the new codes of our evolution are embedded in our energy bodies as seed forms.

It is in preparation for lift off!

The ancient myth of the LIGHT BODY vehicle that allows us to travel to NIRVANA, to the point of convergence in the GALACTIC CORE is awake in our consciousness.

This story has been embedded in our vibration as great avatars traveled through this STAR GATES.

We are entering a new era, a new dimension of conscious GALACTIC EVOLUTION, rising in resonance with the GALACTIC GRID to awake our GALACTIC MISSION.

Yes, our future goes way beyond planet EARTH!

We are in preparation for the ultimate expansion of our consciousness!

Get ready!