So, the experiment is half way now.

We had already 2 1/2 months and we have another 2 1/2 months till mid June which is the official end of VITAL GATE 1 – That’s stage 1

After June 15 we can either dissolve VITAL GATE take it for another 6 months ride till Dec 31 2014 or transmit it to someone.

So far, VITAL GATE is a full success!

What it means is that it is now close to

  • Financially sustainable
  • Emotionally stable as a community
  • Harmonious and empowering practices
  • Open and clear communication
  • High degree of freedom
  • Empowering and sustainable guidelines in the space
  • Clear and stable financial structure
  • Etc.
This means that it is working, stable and powerful!
That’s it!
That was the first core target for launching VITAL GATE!
It was to create a community model that works easily.
We now have the set of VITAL GATE CODES and we are applying them every day.
These codes are not unique.
Another tribe, another location and we might modify part or all of this.
It means that these codes are extremely flexible in many ways.
It is like entering in a kitchen with a basic recipe idea and creating a dish with what’s actually there.
How do I know it’s working?
Because it is emotionally stable, we are high energy, it is now easy to integrate new people in the tribe, etc.
Basically we are having fun and it’s easy.