In the last couple weeks, the energy at VITAL GATE stabilized itself in the harmony and beauty zone!

There is sweetness in the morning as we open these big wide doors and feel the fresh morning breeze!

It feels strong and stable!

I realize as well that these are powerful qualities we want to defend and stand for!

This harmony and peace are the essence of our VITAL CORE right now and we want to keep it that way.

We have now a clear and strong powerful set of practices that sustain that energy.

Morning rise, activation, raw breakfast, sharing, clear open and transparent communication.

I love it!

It feels like these are the first stable and strong glimpses of the resonance I was talking about originally when launching this project!

I realize as well that in our intentions, the agenda is now clear as well!

The space is mainly drama free!

There are no ongoing battles, nothing to conquer from each other, nothing fundamental to change in the structure we live in.

Harmony is so refined and beautiful!

This peace is a mystical experience by itself!

It feels like being surrounded by gold dust right now!

This is like the opening of VITAL GATE’S heart chakra.

It is a very specific experience and the reflection of a longing and energy we all have in us.

This peace and harmony are the essence of peaceful homes and sacred temples, the space were you can drop your weapons, relax and sink in.

You can sit back without needing to defend yourself from anyone’s unexpected aggression.

We can relax and really chill in that space!

So, this gives us a new target for this place!

It is peace and harmony!

It is the target right now!

It could shift at a later stage and turn to fire for instance!

But right now, the clear and essential target is to protect that peace and harmony!

This is top priority!

It gives us the space to heal, relax, harmonize, love without having to create contraction or fear.

We often engage into battle mode in the mornings as well and set up clear targets to conquer for the day.

We easily play with martial art techniques or activate VITAL FIGHTS tactics.

But these have nothing to do with putting each other under pressure or any demand!

As new visitors come in, here is my request for you!

Come with no demands or requests!

Drop your weapons before you come to VITAL GATE!

Come with the intention to merge and be part of this experience rather than isolating yourself!

Come with an open heart, tolerance and acceptance!

Sink in the space!

Drop in!

If you have feed back or anything you want to share, do that at our 9 am daily gatherings.

For the first week of your visit, just receive before you feel inspired to change anything!

Just relax and sink it!

Please, be humble!

What we are doing now at VITAL GATE is the result of 7 weeks of deep exploration and testing.

We tried a lot of things already.

I did spend a good 3 months before that asking for detailed feedback on structure, pricing and more from a tribe of at least 50 people.

And I do have 20 years of previous experience living in ashrams, temples, spiritual centers, monasteries and communities around the world.

We didn’t start yesterday!

And what we are doing now works!!!

It works really well!

It is the result of this energetic fine tuning that brings so much juice and sweetness.

So, here are some invitations for you if you want to live here:

  • Merge with what exists! Don’t try to bend our guidelines or try to negotiate for special treatment – Prices and conditions are now fixed and I don’t have the intention of changing them or modifying them at this stage to accommodate your unique agenda. Please simply accept them as they are.
  • Actively contribute in the community and participate in our activities especially morning activation, breakfast and sharing. If you are just looking for a cheap place to stay with no intention of participating or contributing, we probably won’t be a good match but check with me too if you have any doubts or questions about that. 
  • Pay for your stay right on arrival! Respect this request at 100%! Pay on arrival! Again don’t try to negotiate for special treatment. These conditions are fixed and I won’t change them for you.
This last element is ESSENTIAL on my end.
In the first few weeks after VITAL GATE launch, no matter how low I would put the price for staying at VITAL GATE and no matter what conditions were in place, there would be systematic negotiation attempts from at least half the people who showed up.
These negotiation attempts were taking a lot of time and energy from me and from the community.
This is why I set up such clear and strong guidelines now!
I simply didn’t dare to be firm enough in the beginning!

This is now changed!

I don’t want to waste my time or your time!

I wanted to give each person a chance to modify the terms, conditions and intentions according to their own needs and agendas.
But that was not really serving the space and was instead creating tension and energy drain for everyone.
Simple clear firm boundaries and conditions are definitely the way to go now!
The goal is to make this community stronger, not weaker and this step is essential in creating that solidity and power base.
It protects the community and allows us to focus on what really matters now, which is entering in the love, bliss, power and resonance zone together.
If what I just said resonates with you, come and play!
We want you here!
If you come with aggressive weapons, wanting to change and modify what happens here to fit your individual agenda, get in touch BEFORE you decide to come and we will see if our differences are deal breakers or not.
I feel that all those who live here are now GATE KEEPERS for these values!
We stand strong as a tribe and I am here to echo an intention that is the common energy for all of us.
We are still a small tribe but ready to expand and play in new spheres of awakening to manifest our unlimited potential.
Our goal is to make the integration of new DAVARIS – GATE KEEPERS easy, friction less, automatic, trouble free, drama free!
I look forward to hear from you soon and if our visions are aligned, we will be activating paradise vibes together very soon!
By the way, understand that none of the guidelines and intention of VITAL GATE are restrictive in any way for the sake of it.
Here are some examples:
  • Smoke free – protects everyone from tobacco’s toxins.
  • Clean dishes straight away – Limits the possibility of getting sick, attracting ants or flies invasions – Excellent for VITAL GATE’S feng shui too 😉
  • No laptops in the main space – Creates more connection, interactions and activates the community spirit.
  • Wash your sheets before you leave – So that we don’t have to clean up after you
  • Etc.
The reason I mention these examples is because, life is way easier and harmonious with these guidelines than without them.
The goal is not to restrict or limit you in any way, it is to create a safe space and freedom so that EVERYONE can enjoy!
I hope this makes sense to you!
VITAL GATE is now a sacred temple space!!!
Drop your weapons at the entrance of VITAL GATE before you come in!!!
If you have any form of aggressive, demanding or drama building attitude drop them before you come in or look for other hosting and community options!
Clear them up before you show up!

I want to reassure you as well that for most people who show up, everything streams really easily and frictionlessly!

The patterns I am talking about which are aggressive, demanding, requesting patterns, drama building can easily be cleared if we set up an intention about what we want to create.

I know by experience that for 90% of those who show up at VITAL GATE your presence is easy and streams effortlessly.

Now, this 1 person out of 10 who would be challenging, demanding or harassing can mess it up for everyone for a week if their presence is draining and conflicting on a systematic base.

My job is to protect the community and create a space that is emotionally safe for everyone and to safeguard us from challenging and draining situations before they even arise!

Life at VITAL GATE can be super easy if that’s what we want it to be!

This is why we set up these intentions now!

How and when we express conflicts and challenges is another question.

Yes, we have spaces and practices just for that!

And this could represent 5-10% of the energies we manifest.

Conflicts, demands and pressure do become draining when they are ongoing background energies.

I know that for some people being in the drama and conflict zone is simply an exciting way to be.

That’s totally ok and I respect that!

However at this stage, this negatively impacts on VITAL GATE community.

Again, think of it as sacred temple space where everyone can sink in, drop their weapons, relax and enter into a new dimension of their lives without being bombarded by ongoing battles.

That’s when the inner journey can begin in a safe space.

To make it clear again, we embrace all aspects of our beings, light and shadow!

We are not rejecting our humanness and all the shades that make us human!

On the contrary!

We simply decide to express aggressive shadow aspects in the context of safe practices with clear boundaries.

More on that coming soon!