The place I am staying in now to activate VITAL GATE is not the most aesthetically pretty.

But energy starts to resonate profoundly with new levels of refinement and inner beauty developing magically.

We engage into practices and magic responds in the form of inner beauty and bliss!

Beauty is both an internal and external thing.

A place can be physically perfect but have weird and unstable energy.

In the same way a place that doesn’t have anything special physically might resonate with incredible power, and refinement on an energetic level.

What does that mean?

That physical beauty is only a small fraction of what matters in the selection of  VITAL GATE.

The experiment I am running right now has to do with activating energy spots around the world.

I am exploring a simple model to develop these VITAL GATES easily.

Aiming for perfect physical beauty of the place is extremely limiting because many places are perfect even though they don’t express this ideal physical standard of external beauty.

That’s an essential aspect to keep in mind for future projects!

It is the same when it comes to people, right?

Some people can be very pretty physically but a bit uninteresting when it comes to inner energy.

Or they can have both inner and outer perfection or even score low on both inner and outer beauty.

The same can be applied to places.

And both inner and outer beauty matter of course!

You can spend all your energy and money activating the external beauty and then realize that the inner beauty, the spirit, the soul of the place scores very low.

I have witnessed spiritual centers where so much money and energy has been invested in creating these incredible magnifiscent palaces. Then you arrive on the land and realize that nothing is going on and that the place is energetically empty.

Then you might arrive in a small cave in the Himalayas and have the most amazing experiences because of the vibration of the place.

Physical beauty can be a prestige thing. It can as well a misplaced demonstration of wealth.

Yes, I have seen as well some places that score high on both physical and energetic expression.

The external beauty or demonstration of wealth an prestige is not a bad thing by itself.

It can totally be a match.

The natural drive is to spend time and energy on both the inner and outer beauty.

You cultivate the inner beauty through attitudes, mind sets, practices, invocations, intentions and so on.

What’s essential is to feed and nurture all bodies or aspects that sustain the VITAL GATE.

You have practices, infrastructures, finances, land, relationship to the people, environment, values, land and much more!

Put energy where it matters the most but nurtures as well all these different aspects when they call for attention.

On my end, with the VITAL GATES project, all doors are open.

I will go where energy takes me.

When opening new VITAL GATES we must be smart and put energy where it matters most.