Here is what comes up:


Basically the impulse to live together in community setting to practice tantra and enjoy each other’s company daily is not shared by most of the other global members of the tantra tribe.

At least not in the context and the settings of the house we have right now

Often the ones who did show up in the beginning were more like using this place as a cheap platform to get going with their own plans.

It means that the vision I had originally of simply doing that as a group of friends is not shared at all at this stage!

I understand that! I have been creating it myself as well according to an agenda and a vision which is personal.

A couple of people did show up to cocreate it in the beginning but I quickly realized that it was only up to me to make it happen.

Each one of us is working on their own projects of teaching, travelling, launching events, etc.

I can see that and I am as well part of the same stream of conscious activation

Having my tantra tribe of friends not showing up comes a bit as a surprise.

The main objection to come and live here together is simply lack of privacy and needing to share space in a setting that is relatively simple.

The need for comfort, tropical luxury, peace and personal space overcomes the urge to live together.

I perfectly understand that.

It is that simple!!!

Even the tantra tribe and those I am deeply connected with are not really interested in sharing living space.

They are not directly interested in being together as a tribe in a common space to build it up together.

This comes as a surprise because originally that was the idea.

Even priced at $300 for everything, there is still huge hesitation to come and live here.


Lack of comfort and privacy!

The idea of entering in resonance together is my original vision but not really the agenda of the vaster tribe I am connected to.


This takes me full on into VITAL TANTRA and setting up now an intention which is radically different now from the original plan!

The main thing you get by living here is NOT a roof on your head or comfort or anything else along that line!

You get a full on teaching, training around VITAL TANTRA!

And you get this along living in a community space!!!

This means that the purpose of your stay here is SPIRITUAL TRAINING!!!


That’s the idea!

It is a complete life mastery system that takes you to a whole new level of awakening!

So, the offer concerning VITAL GATE could totally be reframed!!!

It has nothing to do with the original plan or rather has evolved to take a whole different form.

I am sharing all that because that process is fascinating to me and my eyes are opening wide to a whole new reality that I discover at this very moment.

To tell you the truth, I had the idea from the start that it could move that way but now, this invisible plan for VITAL GATE is totally clear!

I want to say again that the element that suddenly strikes me the most now is the fact that most people in my tribe are not actually willing to sacrifice any of their privacy or comfort to live in a community together.

This means that living in a community is really not high in their priorities.

The real test comes when offered a possible choice with reasonable price, the urge has mainly be for private space rather than community!

If the conditions are more interesting than a private space than some people might then go for community space.

Let’s say for instance that a private space gives you simple accommodation for $300 and we in the community offer, accommodation, peace, privacy, breakfast and lunch for $300, then some people will make the shift to be in this community setting but the main attraction in that is the financial advantages, not the community setting.

At equal price, maybe many people would actually go for community but this means that the base price must be $300 absolute max to compete with the other offers in town.

So if being in a community makes it more financially interesting, people might choose for it at this stage but it must be totally obvious!!!

If it’s accommodation lunch and breakfast for $300 that’s ok.

If I offer accommodation lunch and breakfast for $450 even though the value is still more interesting than accommodation only for $300, people seem to just hear the price tag only, no matter what’s included in it.

Even if these extras are delicious raw, unlimited coaching, activations, etc.

In other terms, the extras don’t really count in people’s minds.

They only hear the price.

So, I have various options:


  • $200-$300
  • No food included
  • No extras
  • No coaching
  • All you get is a mattress and clean sheets
Honestly, my heart sinks when I think about that one. I feel that the whole vision collapses and all the community and resonance building elements disappear
  • $300
That’s the one I am now testing and it feels super draining after only a few hours. Tested it for a few weeks before that. Challenging because with such low budget it forces me into scarcity rather than abundance mode
  • $450
That’s the one I just tested for like a week now.
Puts some of my guests apparently under slight financial pressure but it might be sustainable for them.
  • $450-$2000-More
That’s a totally different offer and agenda! It becomes totally commercialized with high energy and investment!
That’s a radically different story and the intention totally shifts!!!
It becomes a commercialized experience and training in the same way as other workshops are offered in this kind of setting.
The price tag could vary and be absolutely minimal but still, the target becomes the transmission and activation of VITAL TANTRA + ISISA TEMPLE + MUCH MORE!
It is an affirmation of the VITAL TANTRA SYSTEM and the activation of a totally different agenda and intention.
The community experience is there in the background but that’s not the core of the experience!
The core of the experience is an energy activation that radically shifts the way we live and position ourselves in life