It is time to go to the next level of joy love and beauty!

It is time to empower the streams of manifestation and grow as one stream of unified  consciousness!
I am listening and ready to take it one step further in this flow of activation!
I believe in our unlimited power, in our maximum potential!
The flow is magical and ready to be unleashed, streaming in full unlimited magical power!
May the vibrant forces of the GALACTIC GRID activate us to unlimited conscious awakening!
May the vortex of the GALACTIC CORE be a stream of unlimited energy activating our whole being!
We are in service more than ever to the planet and humankind!
We want to be guided and clearly directed so that our actions are the reflection of the greatest possible planetary plan!
Activate us!
Activate VITAL GATE to its fullest potential!
The time has come!
The time is now!