Just launched VITAL GATE  about 10 days ago and people have started to bring objects that they leave behind.

So far I have sarong, dream catcher, pair of shoes, sticker, wooden bowl, that’s only after 10 days, if this keeps going, we’ll be so cluttered with objects that we don’t really need.

They feel like energetic left overs, not aligned with VITAL GATE at all!

It seems to slow down the vibe, be obstructions in the energy flow.

The thing is that these objects are often things left behind because people don’t want them.

It is the equivalent of arriving in a temple and letting your old clothes there in case someone might want them.

VITAL GATE is not a charity collecting old items to give away to those who need them. Simply don’t have the time and space for that at this stage.

Again, it is a very honorable thing to do but simply not the specific purpose of this place.

Yes, there is compassion and connection and at this stage, I would definitely feed those who come through the door who are hungry, broke and are on a spiritual quest.

I did that in the past frequently and that is aligned with VITAL GATE values.

It can’t be done on a large scale because the purpose of VITAL GATE is to ACTIVATE, not to be a charity as a main line of expression.

So, it’s something that has been happening here and there with specific people who showed clarity and authenticity in their intentions.

I have now clear answers on these ones!

Thank you!


Ok! super clear! They must go!!!

I need an exit strategy for the objects that have already been brought here!

What is the exit strategy?

Guide me!!!