Here is what I did in the past if it’s just 1 or 2 residents at VITAL GATE:

  • Morning activation 7-8am
  • Breakfast and sharing 8-9am
  • 15-60 min one on one coaching between 9-10 depending on the fee you pay
  • We should be done every day by 10am max
  • This program runs Mon-Fri
  • Sat and Sun is in free flow so no activations or coaching
  • We cocreate our simple meals together, usually breakfast and lunch
  • I am out in town with friends most evenings
  • If more people join we might have more groups sessions in the morning and stretch the program till 11 or even 12.
  • Be here at least for the morning program from 7-10 – That’s when we generate energy and connect – That’s the core idea behind tantrika training
I am flexible!
Let’s activate!