The reason this happens is because until now it is has been only women moving in in the last 2 weeks.

Today at our sharing, the concern for sexual safety and not being around creepy guys rose.

We are right now exploring if anything needs to be done when inviting new people to VITAL GATE.

Quick interview?
Democratic decision?

Do we need to scan or welcome everyone?

What’s the best way to go?


• creating healthy boundaries

• careful about who you let in
• afraid of love?
• the desire of this place is to have more diversity
• if an individual feels discomfort
• the community might decide to get someone out
• certain rules must be applied
• if you are out of alignment how do we deal with it
• if you fall out of alignment we will have a discussion about it
• we retain the right to kick you out
• we should have a day where we ask for permission to touch
• it’s nice to welcome new energies
• making 
• this is not a fuck house
• veto right
• create an application form or vital intention – alignment check – 
• let them in?
• have veto right if any of the women feels uncomfortable 
• keep all men away


What’s best way to go?

Need guidance on that one!!!