A few core aspects are emerging in our expanding social experiment – I Will quickly share them with you so that you know what’s going on, especially if you plan on coming this way!

VITAL FORCE – 7-8 AM – This is now a core practice at VITAL GATE – It is one hour of daily juicy activation with whoever wants to show up – Right now, it is mainly the active VITAL TRIBE joining in but if you don’t live at VITAL GATE and want to come just for morning activations, you are welcome to do so – If you can, bring some fruits, nuts or juices for breakfast or some donation so that everyone contributes.

SAFE SPACE! – For the last 3 weeks, except for myself it has been mainly women at VITAL GATE – With 3 men suddenly planning to join the tribe, we quickly realized that the need for safety in the women who live at VITAL GATE is very high – This is our home – You want to be able to relax without needing to protect yourself from sexual pressure, ongoing needy flirty attitudes, or inappropriate non requested physical touch – In other terms, we were concerned by the space getting invaded by sexual neediness – So, as a conclusion here is what came up – Inappropriate sexual behavior or sexual pressure is a deal breaker and you will get kicked out of VITAL GATE if you show disrespect – What is inappropriate? Keeping on pushing when a woman gives you “no thanks” signals, Touching someone in ways that are inappropriate, too explicit ongoing sexual conversations, etc – Of course, I trust your common sense – Don’t freak out, ok? 😉 This is not big brother watching you! Everyone intuitively knows the difference – Be receptive and listen to the signals that women give you – There will be space for dynamic and direct reflection during our daily morning sharing – You can relax – 90% of the men I know are sensitive and my guess is that you are already respectful in the way you behave towards women – Maybe 10% of men out there will cross the line here and there in ways that are soft and non aggressive – Now, there might be a couple of men out of 100 who continuously cross the line and offend women through their pressure, demands, conversations, inappropriate touch – They do that consistently without any intention to change – Not good over here – If this situation arises, we will take quick action and kick you out on the spot or after a one time warning – By the way both men and women can be sexually inappropriate or pushy – So, these guidelines apply to both men and women! – VITAL GATE IS A SAFE SPACE! – You can relax! – We are totally committed to these values! We will do whatever it takes to keep it that way!

ONE DAY TEST DRIVE – To follow up on the SAFE SPACE idea, we just launched another simple concept which is that every new person coming to live here is on a 24 hour test drive. This is to make sure that you come in a spirit aligned with what we do here. We will have time to quickly interview you and ask you simple questions about where you are at and what your intentions are – This gives us all a safe bumper zone allowing us to reassess our invitation to live together – My guess is that in 99% of the cases, you will be spontaneously and warmly welcome in the community – In some isolated cases there could be a deal breaker like substance use or again, sexual pressure on a VITAL TRIBE member that makes it simply too challenging to have you around – If that happens, we would simply gently but firmly say good bye and direct you to other accommodation options.

VITAL TRUTH – Another set of emerging practices are the VITAL TRUTH approaches – Often dialogue and group coaching based – The target is to be real, true, present and grounded. Will share more about these soon.

NON COMMERCIAL AGENDA – At this stage VITAL GATE remains a non commercial adventure – The aim stays to create a conscious community model that can easily be duplicated – The sliding scale fee covers the basic costs to run the place – It covers rent, infrastructures, assets, some food, kitchen gear, bedding, etc. – By the way, this could evolve to a more commercial structure if it is needed – It does feel though that the energies we are invoking in the core of this VORTEX are keeping us in check – Commercializing our intentions would definitely shift the vibration here – I am open either way – I am real and extremely receptive to what we are guided into – We are in total service to a plan that is way vaster than ourselves.

9 AM SHARING – That’s another simple practice that is essential and strong at VITAL GATE – We have 15 min for that and we go in circle asking a simple question like “How are you today?” – Yes, that simple! Easy, right?

FOOD – We are now preparing meals and shopping together – We simply take spontaneous turns and everyone has been contributing more or less equally in grocery shopping – This is such an ideal format – You have no idea!!! – It is by far the best way to do it as a community rather than having to regulate and micromanage it! Everyone feels responsible which is ideal! – So far the natural rhythm is to have morning detox and breakfast together – We started making and eating lunch together as well – At this stage, everyone is out for dinner on their own adventure – This feels natural, spontaneous, fun, generous and easy so far! – Let’s make it a sustainable practice – If you come to VITAL GATE, approach this space with that spirit of contribution and generosity in mind – This means that you might prepare a meal every couple of days and spend maybe $20 every 2 days on some fruits and vegetables – I tell you! SIMPLE AND EASY!

PEOPLE FIRST! – As VITAL GATE is expanding in comfort, chill spaces and coziness, the possibilities to expand, shop for fun stuff and keep investing in infrastructures and beauty are endless. For those who have a house or property you cherish, you know what I mean – I did realize again though that VITAL GATE is not about the house, place and infrastructures – This house and temple is only a refreshing canvas for a human experience! – What matters most is YOU! – You carry the beauty, the teachings, the evolutionary codes, the emotions, the humanness, the life force! – You are the core of this experiment! – By experience, by know it is easy to lose track with setting up the right priorities and values! – Well, here we go! PEOPLE COME FIRST! That’s my commitment! That’s what I stand for! Let’s unite with this core principle in mind! I believe that this is one of the essential mind sets that will make our VITAL GATE experience fun, energetic and sustainable!