I am experimenting right now and feeling how this VITAL GATE experiment opens up.

Whats’ emerging right now is very organic, not based rational build up.

But more on intuitive flow.

This intuitive flow means that I get signals, impressions, inklings and follow them naturally effortlessly rather than focusing on a master plan.

I think of someone? I give them a call even if it doesn’t make sense at first.

You can as well build something that is way more structured, with a more commercial agenda and grounded in linear ways.

It depends if you want to create something which is permanent, long term or it’s a temporary gate.

It depends as well of the legalities as well, what you are allowed to do or not.

Many centers try to start around the world but meet massive obstacles when it comes to simple things like fire regulations or really turning it into a public place.

That’s the rational or networking energy that you need sometimes to manifest to create.

And you can as well take a refined approach, organic flow based on an energy which is intuitive and grows organically without effort.

This doesn’t follow the rational commercial structures of society!

It’s a totally different story and play with energies.

Right now, the flow for VITAL GATE is refined and intuitive rather than commercial and rational.

To be followed