That’s the next essential question that rises up!

What is the spirit or manifestation strategy for this VITAL GATE?
Is it permanent in the forms or is it impermanent with a 6 months life span.
At the end of this 6 months, what happens with VITAL GATE?
Does it simply leave this location and move to another one or is the aim to crystallize the VITAL GATE in one place?
This is a new experience and a new plan that I never manifested before!
That’s the core question!
Permanent – Stays after 6 months and more!
Impermanent – Moves to a new location after 6 months.
This means that VITAL GATE opens up for 6 months in this location and dissolves or abandons this space to move to a new spot!
This movement or VITAL GATE transfer happens every 6 months.
That’s MODEL 1!
MODEL 2 is a permanent development of VITAL GATE!
It stays activated for years!
And all VITAL GATE focus is concentrated in this spot!
In MODEL 3, VITAL GATE 1 stays active and responsibility is transferred to a new leader!
And a VITAL GATE 2 starts emerging in another location!
This means that the long term target is to activate VITAL GATES in hundreds of locations around the world!
The target is to root VITAL GATES in ways keeps them activated for years!
The VITAL GATE life cycle would be in the 5-10 years cycle or even longer 10-50 years cycle or even more!
The pyramids have been designed in ways that keeps them active for thousands of years!
And they receive multiple activations throughout human cycles! 
So what’s the plan for VITAL GATE?
• 1 VITAL GATE – 3-6 months cycles
• 1 VITAL GATE – 5-10 years cycles
• 100-500 VITAL GATES – 5-10 years cycles
What’s the right model?

Don’t be impressed when I say 500 VITAL GATES!

Once you find a model or way of doing it that works and can easily be duplicated, it is something we can create together.

These are activated energy centers we can bring to life!

They are organic births of something that is spiritually very easy and natural to do.