We are now in such deep harmony and resonance!Waves of bliss and deliciousness permeate our bodies as we wake up and enter in these dynamic high resonance, high energy breathing activations!

We stretch, invoke kali, breathe deeply in rhythmic waves, shake, hang upside down on our Om gyms, invoke fire and clarity, deep detoxification is pouring in our beings as we merge with this deep sense of oneness!

It is heart opening, empowering, perspective shifting and designing new horizons in our lives!

Days at VITAL GATE are now in resonance, clearly sustained in this bliss zone that we all want!

It is clarity, awakening, opening of your third eye vision in deep respect and connection with each other!

Magic of bliss is happening every day!

I am in such deep gratitude to those who live here and those who came to activate this juice in the last couple months!

The time is now!

The time has come to expand and invite you to activate your life in this space!

One week in this energy radically realigns you according to your deepest potential!

It optimizes your being!

Detoxifies your body!

Brings joy, peace and harmony to your heart!

Wakes up your fire in waves of radiant bliss!

Gives you new tools to conquer what you want from life!

Offers you respect, acknowledgment and acceptance from others!

You are the jewel!

You are the essence of life!

You are the vibrant power of the absolute manifested on this planet!

Life is everything you want it to be!

Open your gates to the unlimited bliss and energy that is ready to shower you with cosmic inspiration!

Your time has come to celebrate and open up to the source essence that you are!

The new evolutionary codes are activated right now!

You are part of this experience!

Sing in joy and delight as you wake up every morning!

Your time has come!

You are such a beautiful being and you deserve everything!

You deserve it all, the bliss, the success, the love, the harmony, the power, the light and the conquest of your shadows!

You are one with the source!

You are one with the radiant origin of NIRVANIC LIGHT.

Your being is this explosion of manifestation power opening its roots in the Earth and expanding its light to the the skies!

You are ONE!


Your true identity is LIMITLESS!