The last few weeks, divine resonance kicked in at Vital Gate!

So many breakthroughs with new energies getting grounded and rooted in this space.

It is temple space, gateway and the harmony and respect for each other are deep and strong!

I love it!

This is exactly why I launched the space!

To be in a state where differences dissolve and our energies merge in ecstasy, beauty and bliss!

We are in deep support for each other, sharing and practicing energetic activations every day!

We flow well together, embracing the fun and the juice that BALI YAH offers us!

I am in so deep gratitude right now to all those who came to live here with their gifts, humanness, desire to learn and explore the energetic avenues that this space offers us.

The space is safe, drama free, trouble free!

We have breakfast together in a spirit of celebration and wake up each morning at sunrise with inspiration for this universal life force flowing through our veins.

If what I say here resonates with you, come and live with us for a week.

Trust this open door, this gate of consciousness that will open new perspectives and energy channels in your being!

I am in deep respect for everything that you are, the spirit that lives in you is divine!

Your life is miracle!

Call me 0822 3664 7624