Respect everyone!

Respect the place!
Don’t break things!
Don’t submit me or anyone else at VITAL GATE to ongoing impulses to correct, educate, direct, lecture or control!
If you want to educate or correct someone, bring it to the sharing!
Before you offer feed back, say something like:
“Are you open for some reflection, feed back, advice, correcting, lecturing, fixing, etc”
Correcting someone or wanting to educate them without their permission is an invasion of their identity, freedom, free will, etc.
This person that you meet at VITAL GATE is not a territory you need to conquer.
Open space around them instead.
If you are already in the fight, conflict or arguing zone, you have a whole new set of strategies that can be applied that I cover in other posts.
Don’t threaten or submit others to energetic pressure, emotional threat or demands.
If you have something to share, say it respectfully in a gathering where we are all ready to hear it!
If you must share something with someone privately, select a time, place and context that is a good match for both of you.
No need to project your emotional load on others!
If we are in a different energy and we create a container to activate shadows, that’s another story!
Yes, we can dive into VITAL SHADOWS, VITAL TRUTH or VITAL FIGHTS but this happens within a safe, protected container with very specific rules of engagement to keep everyone focused.
VITAL GATE is our temple and our home and the base energy is not conflict!
It is peace, respect and harmony!
Thank you!