Since I launched VITAL GATE a year ago, I noticed that I was hit by 2 major shadow cycles that lasted for about a month each.

This shadow waves are sets of events, triggers, energy spaces, interactions with specific people and dynamics that overall create deep emotional and energetic challenges.

It is the first time that I see a cycle like this one with such clarity.

What is stunning is that these 2 shadow waves hit VITAL GATE at exactly 6 months interval.

I don’t want to create an artificial pattern there but it could be that there is natural shadow cycle, like a tide of energy associated with certain places or people.

It could as well be that these shadow waves are linked to astrological timing.

I don’t have final answers about that.

It might be too simplistic to say that a shadow wave hits you every 6 months.

But it could!

6 months is a half cycle of the earth around the sun.

It could totally be that every 6 months, a shadow window opens up.

It could as well be that this shadow window is linked to an electromagnetic alignment or some other subtle physical phenomena.

Now, imagine that it is actually an intelligent phenomena.

VITAL GATE was initiated under strong inspiration from the goddess energy ISISA.

ISISA  is the new actualized form I use for the Egyptian goddess Isis.

ISISA is intelligent and active!

She is a complex living energy reality that is way vaster than human intelligence.

If you put that into perspective, think of the size of a human being compared with the size of the Sun.

ISISA is a daughter of the sun.

We are talking about similar level of intelligences.

As human beings with our human perception, feelings and reasoning abilities, we cannot even start comprehending intelligences and beings of that dimension.

It is really like an ant trying to comprehend human intelligence.

Back to the topic!

ISISA cycles!

Imagine that this goddess energy goes through natural cosmic cycles related with the rotation of the Sun around the Earth.

This means that her impact on planet Earth will vary depending on the position she has on that cycle.

It could as well be that this wave is linked to VITAL GATE, my activity or the island I am on only, nothing more global than that.

All these are suppositions.

I have no evidence to prove it except some feelings and the fact that concepts like these ones make sense to me.

For now, it is a beautiful inspired story that could explain some of what I experience.

I like that!

Thank you for the visionary hints!

More please!