With a lot of the guidelines to open space, I am still navigating between letting go of wanting to control, optimize and direct these behaviors for myself and for others.

Take the example of gossiping.

You have 2 ways of looking at it

The first way is to totally avoid gossip and turn it into direct sharing with the people who are targets of these gossips.

That’s option one.

Option 2 is to not care and develop and body of energy and attitudes in which you simply don’t care about what is being said or not.

Gossips are energy and you can see and feel gossips about you as something that actually feeds your world.

In other terms, you don’t care, embrace that shadow aspect and even enjoy it.

Use gossip as source of fun and energy.

That’s option 2.

This means that you don’t have to be good and pure all the time.

You can criticize someone behind their back and be cool with it.

Or you might be the target of these gossips and easily navigate that energy, even enjoying it.

I am looking at the best practices to make VITAL GATE a successful and max energy resonance experiment.

I want as well for these behaviors to be easy to duplicate in new VITAL GATES created in the future.

So, what is it?

Do we need to train and reinforce gossip free attitudes, or enjoy the gossip or play with both options and let people free to choose what they want while being able to play both cards.

For someone who always gossips it might be fascinating to talk to one of their gossip targets directly.

That would be their expansion!

For someone who is afraid of judgement and criticism, it might be an incredible experience to realize that they can’t be touched by gossip and even enjoy the attention.

Both are expansions in these situations an they both work as expansive and resonance attitudes.

Do I need to encourage one or the other?

You can encourage both depending on the situation and the coaching tactic you use can be any of these two:

  • Enjoy the gossips
  • Be gossip free

They are both effective tactics.

Gossip is a shadow behaviors and shadows are what makes us humans.

Embracing and using the shadows is totally part of VITAL TANTRA.