I think I have to make a list of the attitudes that bring life and those that don’t.Here are some things that seems to block or deactivate community energy

  • Being there but hardly participating or contributing
  • Cluttering the space with stuff that is not directly related to the community, baggage that you bring etc. This is both figurative and material baggage
  • Putting food in the kitchen that you don’t want anyone else to use
  • Endlessly engaging into self processing conversations focused on yourself
  • What else?
Attitudes that do open space:
  • Being generous when you go shopping
  • Getting rid yourself of the stuff that you don’t need
  • Checking with people before asking for their attention
  • Contributing by shopping and making food
  • Participating in energy building activities
  • Making progress and clearing your drama
  • If you think it should be done, go ahead and do it yourself
  • Accept and merge

I know that this is very direct feedback for some that can feel harsh.

Of course the space is here to nurture and care.
And one of the best ways to care is to offer you a space to clear undigested emotions and baggage.
Now, to clear that, you must attend the sessions and practices.
Diving in endless conversations about your insecurities and why they are there is not the best way to clear them.
All you are doing when you engage in these conversations is for people’s energetic contribution to your deep processes.
So, there is a space for that.
There is a space for sharing and nurturing and it happens in very specific sessions + some isolated conversations.
However if self indulged processing is all you engage into without shifting gear, how is that helping the community and energy.
It feels more like a broken record that doesn’t truly change anything or move forward.
I love you!
I really do!
And I am saying all that to put things into perspective in the vaster agenda of things.
People in the community are not your free therapists.
They are your peers!
They are your tribe!
And to move forward as a tribe, you need to show up!