Since starting, I played with the idea of sharing power, leadership, decision making, etc.

After 6 months in the project, the vision is evolving towards more central leadership.
The space is always open for feedback but I do realize that strong and clear leadership is really what offers a powerful sense of security, comfort and direction.
At various points in this experience, I decided to play with high levels of flexibility and allow other residents to take some control of some aspects of what we do here.
What emerged quite fast were power struggles, bullying patterns, attacks, chaos in various aspects, integrity gaps, disrespect, etc.
In other terms, it created strong energetic instability with more tensions and conflicts arising.
It’s nothing catastrophic, simply the highlighting of energetic vulnerabilities.
I won’t go into details here but a stronger frame and direction is needed after this last month.
The place needs energetic stability with a clear and steady direction.
If you have a ship with multiple captains, this is a potential source of trouble and puts the whole trip at risk.
You might be changing directions too frequently, have power struggles in the leadership and end up wasting time and energy.
It is the same with businesses.
Yes, you do sometimes have successful partnerships too.
You need to have space for creative input and freedom of course!
It is essential to nurture these qualities as well.
I don’t forget them of course!
But we reached a new stage and it is time to reset our core values and let the VITAL GATE model evolve to a new set of strong and firm foundations.
You might have in mind the example of the flexible branches that can play in the wind.
Flexibility is what allows them to be bent by the wind without breaking.
Now imagine the concrete foundations of a sky scraper.
Flexibility on that level would mean collapse of the entire structure.
Right now it’s this second aspect that we are working on.
We are now setting the deep and firm foundations that will take this project to the next level.