Something came up concerning all inclusion or not.

Basically my default mind set is to say yes to everyone wept the who wants to come and live at VITAL GATE

I thought that’s the most ethically correct attitude.


That’s as log as those who come and live at VITAL GATE accept the guidelines, intentions, conditions about coming and living here.

I realize that when I open the space and bend these guidelines it opens the space for a whole lot of draining energies.

This means that bending especially the pricing structure and offering discounts or letting people be in the space without participating in any of the group gatherings, not wanting to seat even for 5 min for feedback, all those bend the structure and create drain and stress.

So, something else comes to mind which is group coherence.

Imagine that you are a tribe on a battle field.

You want your team to have your back!

In other terms you want them to be trained same as you.

If you get on the battle field and you have a weak link, that messes up the potential success of your battle.

Same with team sports, businesses, etc.

If you have a poorly skilled manager, what’s the best tactic?

Inclusion or exclusion?

The time you spend training or educating that person is time you could spend doing all sorts of other things.

It’s something to check case by case.

However, I just realize that sometimes for the coherence, safety and success of a business, adventure or experience, exclusion might be needed.

In other terms putting the coherence and success of the tribe first is what is needed.

And to do that, very often playing with exclusion rather than inclusion might be needed.

That’s one of the core dynamics that might need to be applied at VITAL GATE!

VITAL GATE is an adventure! TRIBE COHERENCE is a new aspect that just opened up.

This has to do with VITAL GATE boundaries.

It is a respect or disrespect of the structure!

When is it that VITAL GATE gets violated and why.

I can see a clear battle plan.

I need a confirmation on that!

Guidance please! Is this correct?