I love taking words like “FUN” and giving them a new dimension of depth, energy, power or sacredness.

Common associations with FUN are

  • ETC

Not too dignifying, is it?

Here is a new perspective on FUN!

Maybe these are ideas you already share too!









Another common idea is that fun should just happen, that it should be spontaneous!

I kind of disagree with that perspective too!

For instance is dancing fun?

Totally right?

Is dancing often organized and planned?

Do we often create a structure, labels and traditions around dance?

Do you often learn steps and sequences so that dancing becomes a more structured experience and by doing so it ads to the diversity and the depth of our experience?

It’s a yes to all 3 previous questions, right?

And yes, sometimes your creative power gets unleashed in ways that are spontaneous and freeing with no planning or structure around it!

Yes, it can be this sudden energy taking you and activating you in in ways that you don’t seem to control or direct!

Yes! Totally! I agree!

When I coach, I often get questions like

“I am getting a bit bored and stacked here! It all feels like routine and I have no idea how to change that, can you help?”

I get these questions typically about:

  • SEX
  • JOBS
  • ETC

If you get bored or feel stacked, sometimes it is linked to the context, energy spaces, situations that can’t be activated!

It can be poor energy, poor combination of people, poor context, etc.

And often being bored is as well an inability to break the frames and create new energy and freedom!


You understand how you can break limiting and stacked frames to create fresh energy and freedom!

That’s the activation of the throat chakra and the unleashing of your creative power!

I know that so many of you are masters in that field!

You know exactly how to bring juice and creative flow in any situation!

I love that!

Look around you!

Think about who scores the highest in creative power!

Who are the people who own their keys to fun and free flow?

I hear you think

“All that should just be spontaneous, we betray the spirit of fun by simply talking about it and conceptualizing”

Well, what if it doesn’t happen spontaneously?

What if you are trapped in marriage for the last 20 years and feel exhausted, drained and uninterested in your life!

What if it feels that you spend your days dealing with society’s demands, never get a break, are in emotionally reactive mode and have no idea how to break that pattern!

For millions of people on this planet, the highest expression of fun in their week is to be shopping on Saturday in a crowded ikea mall!?

Are you kidding me?

Yes! That’s often the week’s highlight in terms of expression of creative power it can be summarized by

“Shall I get the red plates or the blue plates”

Yes I am being a bit sarcastic here! I know  😉

Who recognizes some stacked frames in their lives?

Who wants to access more freedom and creative flow in their lives?

“If I say “yes” does it mean I have to attend a $2000 1 week retreat to activate my inner spontaneous child?”

“When is the usp coming?”

Good news for you!

No sales pitch here!

It’s your freakin life!

You do what you want!

And I am not here to take you by the hand to educate you on your fun and freedom potential!

Well, I can if you want!

But the main thing is to get together with that intention!

How do you go beyond interview conversations?

How do you break the frames?

Personally I want to play more!

That’s my invitation!

I have a few codes that activate freedom and flow!

Here is one of them


This sanskrit mantra activates your throat chakra which is your creative center!

This is where speech, FREE SPEECH originates!

Use it! It will boost your creative flow and train your spontaneity muscles!


Did you hear that?

You can actually train your creative muscle?!!

Who thinks that’s true?

What’s your favorite way of doing that?

Marijuana, mushrooms and rum?

Doesn’t work for me but aye works for many!

What else?

Does this post make you uncomfortable in any way?


If yes, what is it?

Here is what I see!

First, I am conceptualizing, rationalizing!

Basically, I am creating models and mind sets to help us understand what creativity is!

It’s like going to burning man and creating an analytical science report about the dynamics of fun and what brings people to behave like playful aliens!

While we are stacked in brain mode, we are still not doing it!

We are conceptualizing it because understanding this with our brain keeps us in the safe zone!

It’s predictable!

I write these things down!

I make a post on my blog and facebook, get a few likes, a few comments!


Safe and predictable!

I agree!!!

And I apologize if I offend you in any way by rationalizing the romantic flow of your creative juice!

Your spontaneity is sacred to me!

Your freedom is nectar to my senses when I am in your presence!

And as a coach, my agenda is to look at systems that bring back life mastery in areas where you might have lost your way!

Are there tactics to dissolve a writer’s block?

What triggers the spontaneous flow of your fingers on your keyboard?

You see? Systems, techniques!

Fun on the dance floor can be enhanced by years of zumba training!


How do you get from staked, limited or bored to overflowing with creative power, freedom and fun!

Feel it!

Play can be edgy, deep, mysterious and challenging!

That’s VITAL GATE target for this coming week!