You love everything about these sensations! 

Kindness, power, strength, presence, radiance, energy!

One after the other, all your objections to fully open up and trust drop and you gently invite this radiant energy deeper and deeper into your intimacy, into the core of your being!
Your heart opens up with delight and you feel this incredible blossoming of love sensations permeating your whole being!
These are beaming whirlpools of energy traveling across space and activating the totality of your being!
You feel now so awake and radiant!
You realize the power of this vortex of energy!
You feel the clear activation of this energetic gate!
You feel the deep love and respect that you have for these spheres, the sweetness of this angelic bliss, the nirvanic light that you feel permeating the inner spheres of your being!
Sensations of eternity stream in your mind and body like waves of vibrant truth!
This energy gives you total strength, presence and power!
It is the merging with the absolute you always looked for!
It is the vibrant absolute, ultimate target of your life!
It is the merging with the source!
It is the clear, streaming access to the highest spheres of your being!