Over the last few days, I keep having these discussions on love, attraction, male female dynamics, polyamory, finding the one, keeping sex exciting, not feeling attracted to anyone, voicing your truth in relationships, etcI easily put on my coaching hat and launch these free flow interesting open heart conversations with my friends!

I love it!

What comes up (not that much of a big surprise) is that many people miss tools, mindsets, understanding, knowledge when it comes to navigating relationships and love life successfully.

Simple things like

  • How to stay connected when you disagree
  • What to do when you want an open relationship and the other one doesn’t
  • Simple ways to connect sensually without having sex
  • How to date and stay emotionally free
  • What to say when you are really upset
  • How to activate energy orgasms
  • How to sustain a high level of energy and have sex for hours
  • What to do when someone is pushy or needy
  • How to say no
  • How to say yes
  • How to take a compliment and own it
  • What to do with your fantasies
  • How to heal past sexual wounds
  • What to do when you get rejected
  • How to connect with someone you are attracted to
  • How to express your love without neediness.
  • Etc.
You realize that with all these questions, we are just scratching the surface!
With relationships here is what usually happens:
“Jump in and make it work!”
What strikes me is that you learn lots of things in life when you go to school!
Now with relationships, you are supposed to just go for it and make it happen???
What the heck!!!
Look, it can be really tricky to communicate with someone without getting in a fight when you disagree!
It is especially tricky if you never had a living example of that in your entire life!
Yes, these are skills we can learn, train, play with!
You can learn about sex, communication and what feels good or not good to your partner and exactly why!
Here is one example of a simple piece of information that might change your sex life forever!
“Each body is different! What might work for a lover might not work for another one!”
You need to adapt your sensuality to match your new lover and take some time to explore this new body!
See? That specific piece of information revealed itself to me just in the last year!
I knew it mentally but never actually understood the deep implications that it has on love making!
I know, simple right?
Well, are you able to adapt your approach to a new lover almost instantly or does it take you a few weeks to figure that new body out?
What to do about it?
Many questions, right?!!!
Many spaces to explore!
Sexual energy is both beautiful and filled with shadow aspects!
You have the juice, the pleasure, the ecstasy, the fun, the deep love, the trance, the freedom, the mind blowing opening of your chakras, etc.
And then you have as well, the guilt, shame, fears, traumas, dominance, jealousy, boredom, pain, etc.
Love, romance, sex!
These are the topics we will focus on this week at VITAL GATE to explore the various colors and aspects of your love life.
We might engage in light sensual games if this is what you need.
We might play with deep relationship healing processes.
We might stay on a conceptual level and relationship vision if this is what you need.
We might talk about pains and heal traumas.
We might explore the energetics of sex through specific breathing and sound practices.
We might invoke the divine male female archetypes to align our energies with perfect relationship models.
Here is a little self indulging bragging 😉
I have been engaged in tantric sex practices for the last 20+ years.
Wrote a few books on VITAL SEX and TANTRIC SEX.
Have been teaching dozens of workshops on VITAL SEX and VITAL FORCE in Burning Man, New York, London in the last few years.
I had multiple long term relationships and learned a lot from them.
Have been playing with polyamory over the last 14 years.
Have been coaching hundreds of clients on getting their power back after breaks ups.
Have been coaching hundreds of men and women on how to master the dating world.
Have been coaching dozens of men and women on mastering their jealousy and controlling patterns!
I wrote 80+ books on relationship dynamics, personal development, spiritual evolution, energy orgasms, and more.
In other terms, I am awesome!
Whaou! It feels so good to say that sometimes!
I am awesome and by now you know that I LOVE MYSELF! A LOT!
Still working on reducing the size of my ego but aye, ego must be fed too!
+ It is freakin useful when it is time to go to battle!
Like right now when it is time to open a sacred space and manifest some tools that could shift your perspective on love romance and sex forever!
Joke aside,
You get it right? I am here because I care!
You hurt? I hurt!
I feel compassion and sympathy for the challenges you face!
I love you! It is that simple!
Something that would make my day is that you solve or dissolve, evolve, manifest the love you want, find new exciting ways to connect, get more juice from your sex life, own your shadow aspects and more!
In other terms, it is fun to unlock potentials and give our human nature a little help.
I love these targets!
I want to hold space for this exploration and play too!
I feel that the reason challenges come to us is to present opportunities to evolve as human beings, become better persons, master new aspects of our lives.
If you want me to be your guru, I can do that too! Yay!
I call myself SHIVA and yes, that’s a name that I chose! No one gave it to me!
I took it!
Interpret this the way you like 🙂
So, back to LOVE!
It’s fun to be leading this whole thing, facilitating alone but way more fun to cocreate all that!
Morning activations at VITAL GATE are always a cocreation and it’s fantastic!
That’s the way I see it for opening the evening love space at VITAL GATE!
Here is something else I want to make really clear:
“No human shall be hurt in the making of these events, lots of healing, heart opening, energy freeing experiences will happen, no boundaries shall be crossed”
VITAL GATE is an emotionally and physically safe and secure space and it will stay that way.
What will these evenings at VITAL GATE be like?
To tell on you the truth the final format is not totally clear yet.
It will evolve in its own way and depend a lot on your needs and input.
The feeling is to open the space 6-10 pm every evening.
Yes, every day including next week end!
Create some nice raw dishes or order and eat together.
Get some feedback and sharing to feel into the intentions for the evening.
To make it sustainable and so that we can make drinks and delicious raw food every day, there will probably be an invitation to contribute.
I am not sure about that one and will tune into what this place and ENERGY VORTEX deeply wants from us.
When we touch on love and sex, the need for safety, comfort, privacy, confidentiality, warmth and love are very high!
I am totally aware of that and my first priority is to create a space that feels totally safe and nurturing for everyone.
So if we keep it private it will only be with the nurturing and safety intention in mind.
That’s it, these are my raw thoughts, feelings and impressions!
I open my heart wide open to you and want to thank you for being such an incredible fascinating tribe of paradise explorers!
I want to take this next step together as a tribe, invite you to engage and celebrate the LOVE ESSENCE we all share!
It is time to activate and dance in the magical temple of bliss!
I invoke the invisible forces that sponsor this VITAL GATE experiment to come and play with us, inspire us, direct us, invite us into the spheres of energetic delight!
Guide us!
We are listening!