This week at VITAL GATE, the theme is VITAL POWER.

It is the energy taking control and destroying the behaviors that drain VITAL GATE energy.
It can be behaviors, attitudes, mindsets, communication patterns that take energy rather than contributing and adding value.On your personal level, it is the same.

Think about what you need to ad to your life to take back control and remove the obstacles that stop you from being everything you can be.

This is definitely warrior energy!

We use very specific tactics and mantras to activate that specific power.

So, we are rising to a new octave!To tune in and activate that energy in you, use the mantra DARIMANA.


It is the activation of your crown chakra, positions you as the authority in your life and aligns you as well with the vaster planetary purpose.

Within VITAL GATE, DARIMANA is the activation of the controlling, administrative or authority body of VITAL GATE which brings structure and crystal clear direction.

Yesterday, the flower of life just moved in at VITAL GATE, activating the networking power of ISISA!
This is the active manifestation of the GALACTIC GRID and the space is now offered for this energy to manifest!
It is the manifestation of a whole new level of power and energy.POWER can take so many forms!

I will share more about the positive uses of power and its many expressions maybe later this week.

I love you!