Last week’s HIGH ENERGY DETOX was powerful! Hihaaaaaa! – I am not yet sure about this week’s theme yet – 2 directions emerge – The first one is about sensual or sexual activation – This means consciously starting to activate sexual energies through specific breathing techniques, sound, movement adding this erotic touch to the practices that engages more of your core sexual energies – For those of you who attended my VITAL SEX and VITAL TANTRA workshops at Burning Man, New York or London in the last few months, you know what I mean – The aim is sexual mastery and sexual freedom, removing traumas, shame or guilt connected with sex and creating a super safe space to allow your sexual flow to blossom – Sexual energy is such a massive source of creative power – When these energies are trapped in constrictred behaviors, beliefs and attitudes, you lock these energies and enslave them rather than setting them free – Conscious use of sexual energy is an essential aspect of VITAL TANTRA – It feels like this is what VITAL GATE is expanding into this week, creating new mantras and creating this circle of grounded sexual energy and mind sets that represent an essential aspect of our lives – The Rhythm for this week is still morning activations 7-12 with shared breakfast, detox juices, etc – This morning we did long 30 min sequences of shaking, fire breath and mantra repetition – If the energy naturally takes us there, we might start touching on gentle sensual activation in the evenings – It will depend on you and your needs – Just realize that the second option for this week which was “ENERGY FITNESS” has just been pushed aside as I write this post – VITAL GATE is an intelligent energy and we are simply agents of manifestation in a plan that is way vaster than ourselves – more coming soon