The idea is to create a community experience exploring the dimensions of VITAL TANTRA and use these techniques to enter in resonance in a certain space.

VITAL GATE is the space we are in to activate this connection.

There is always a certain spirit sponsoring groups of people coming together.

It can be a family bond, a passion, a business, a spiritual drive.

With VITAL TANTRA, we simply embrace certain practices, mind sets and energy.

Remember as well that VITAL TANTRA is way vaster than myself or anything I offer!

This is a cocreation and within that space we are all dynamic creators, manifesting dirctly from the spirit and that energy.

The idea behind VITAL GATE is that it is cosmic in essence and the activation we perform is way more than simply life mastery.

Once we reach a certain level of mastery, connection and awakening together, then that’s when GALACTIVATION happens.

The VITAL GATE space is dedicated to create a bridge of consciousness between us and the GALACTIC GRID or the GALACTIC CORE!

The impulse is to receive new energies and codes to upgrade the human mind with new energy, emotional and mental codes.

We can’t access this new program if we don’t master the basics.

Mastering the basics means harmonizing and empowering all areas of our lives and being able to experience that together as a VITAL TRIBE.

VITAL GATE plays the same role as the pyramids in Egypt.

It is an access point in which we enter in resonance with existence beyond planet Earth!


The purpose of the VITAL GATE is to offer a safe, energized space where this GALACTIVATION can take place.

Once we do it in one location, the goal is to identify the exact process to manifest this VITAL GATE.

What are the dynamics, ingredients, practices, guidelines, approaches to make it happen.

This is what we want to explore in this first experiment.

It could be that the VITAL GATE is activated and then naturally dissolved after a 6 months period.

It could as well be that the VITAL GATE is sustained and crystallized for longer like a period of 5-20 years.

The goal is to be able to easily duplicate this first VITAL GATE and end up having hundreds of them activated around the world.

This means of course that it must be a whole community impulse.