This is a great format to explore!

One on one!
1 to 4 weeks!
Here are some guidelines and ideas to make it happen:
  • Commit

Be there to make it happen and decide before it starts that you will go through – When intimacy starts building up and you hit shadows, the urge to disconnect or step out will be high

  • 2 sessions/day

The goal is not to saturate – Each session brings its own set of energies and emotions – 2 x 1 hour sessions per day seems a good rhythm – You can do way more if you feel stable in your practices – And go all the way to longer 2 or 3 hours sessions or have 3 or 4 sessions instead of just 2 – After the initial tune in period you might end up having 4 to 6 hour practice every day

  • Flexibility

You can play with structure and timing or relax with it and enter in free flow – I find that allowing freedom concerning time frame works really well

  • Cocreate

Take care of practicalities like food and cleaning together

  • Practice tantric sex techniques

Free flow spontaneous love making is great but adding structured conscious sessions will give a whole new dimension to your experience

  • Check possible techniques before you start

It’s good to be ready with lots of juicy ideas

  • Sharing

Have at least 5 min each every day to give each other feedback and have a safe space to share whatever might be alive for you – The ideal time is around breakfast

  • Focus on practices rather than processing

Conversations are usually known territory that doesn’t always build connection and intimacy – Conversations tend to leave you stacked in mental patterns and repeating emotional loops – It takes courage, focus and determination to engage in intimacy practices – Of course, challenging emotions might come up but this is not psychotherapy – Get back to practices

  • Take days break
If you do for instance 4 weeks, I feel that the most sustainable rhythm is 5 days practice (Mon-Fri) – 2 days break (Sat-Sun) – 6 days practice / 1 day break is an option too

  • Safe sharing space

It’s essential to have clear communication tactics to be able to share feedback

  • Alternate energy techniques and sex techniques

Even with a retreat focused on vital sex, take time to energize your full body rather than being focused on sexual techniques exclusively

  • Social time

Yes, spend time with others, go out, take time out – It’s all possible and depend on how much intensity you want to build.

  • Part time

It’s possible to do a retreat where for instance you work half the day and focus on practices the other half – For instance you could have an hour practice every morning, sharing, etc, afternoon work and then a second practice in the evening – You can as well have a 4 hour practice 6-10pm every evening with rest of the day focused on creative work – You can basically redesign you retreat in whatever way you want