Suppose that you are with your lover and you feel some insecurity or jealousy.

You are on a date and having fun and that shadow kicks in.

You know that if you bring it up on the spot it will mess up the romantic energy that you are in right now.

On the other hand, another part of you feels like being true and real.

So you have two choices.

The first choice is to voice it as it comes.

You feel it, you say it.

The second option is to keep it for later.

You feel the emotion but realize that now is not a right time to share it.

You want to express it and voice it but decide to keep it for later.

You don’t want to spoil this romantic moment with an invasive shadow.

You give your shadow a boundary.

You decide to share it but at a later stage, when both you and your partner are receptive and ready to engage.

You consciously work with timing.

You say “Not now!”.

This is a powerful way to both contain and express some shadows.

You create safe containers and use right timing.