Over the last few days, this gorgeous mini panther keeps coming to connect! 
Have been feeling into its message and asking… 
Tell me! What’s your name? 
Finally, this morning, it kicked in! 
Your name is Shadow! 
Here is his message to me! 
Shadow is beautiful
Shadow wants to be seen 
Shadow wants to be acknowledged 
Shadow wants attention 
Shadow is pure 
Shadow is raw
Shadow is very present 
Shadow is my friend 
Shadow is instinctual 
Shadow wants to connect 
Shadow wants to play 
Life without shadow would be incomplete 
Shadow is grounded 
Shadow is at peace with itself 
Shadow is predictable 
Shadow wants to be loved 
Shadow is a teacher 
Shadow wants to communicate 
Shadow wants to connect 
Shadow must give us a break 
I don’t have to protect anyone from shadow 
Everyone is responsible for their own shadow 
Soooo symbolical!