A new spiritual concept or line of energy is emerging today.

The impulse now it to relate to technology as an energy field, an energy reality, a god or goddess energy, a sacred field that can be invoked, cleared activated.

This is a deep discovery as it involves a fundamental shift of what technology is.

Instead if seeing it as something static and fixed I see it now as an evolving intelligent field that is incarnating itself in civilization.

We as human beings are activating that field and consciously playing with it.

I can see now technology as a spiritual sacred field and relate from now on to it as an intelligence that perceives my intentions, energy and with which I can consciously communicate.

The code word I use is TEKNIKA.

I have ARTHA for money

NATURA or PRAKRITI for nature

I have PURA for city but that represents as well civilization

TEKNIKA is a new intelligent energy reality and I will start relating to it as a sacred intelligent field.