Vital couples

Vital couples










Effective communication - Articles

Don't micromanage your partner's spiritual growth! - TIP 

How to create dialogue - ARTICLE 

Create a forum space for your relationship - ARTICLE 

Relationship feed back - How to make it work - ARTICLE 

Is it okay to educate your partner? - ARTICLE 

Say it at the right time! - ARTICLE 

One couple - Two visions - ARTICLE 

Play the "Yes! And..." game - ARTICLE 

How to empower your partner - ARTICLE 

How to get your needs met - ARTICLE 

Synergize your couple - ARTICLE 

Can you just take some distance if you need it? - Should this be okay in a relationship? - ARTICLE

Should you just quit if your relationship does not give you what you want? - ARTICLE

Why spending time apart is super healthy for your relationship - ARTICLE

Say it at the right time! - ARTICLE

Relationship feed back - How to make it work - ARTICLE

How to create a forum space for your relationship - ARTICLE

Shared decision making - How and when to apply it - ARTICLE

The key to plan activities together - ARTICLE

10 Steps to a dynamic relationship - ARTICLE

More keys for dynamic relationships - ARTICLE

She listens too much to her parents advice! - How to make her be independent and free? - ARTICLE

We won't spend much time together - ARTICLE

Design your dream relationship - ARTICLE

Are you killing your relationship? - ARTICLE

Stop fights - Articles

Don't micromanage your partner's spiritual growth! - TIP 

"Tell me more..." - A simple expression that triggers harmony and open communication - ARTICLE 

If you want to trigger fights, here are simple expressions to use A LOT! - They will drive your partner crazy! - ARTICLE 

Relationship power - The core qualities you need to express to build up harmony in your relationship - ARTICLE 

Why micromanaging your partner will destroy your relationship - ARTICLE 

Why fights happen and how to solve them in the future - ARTICLE

Key challenges facing couples today - ARTICLE 

How to shift gears when you feel tension rising - ARTICLE 

What triggers fights - ARTICLE 

Why fights happen - ARTICLE

Control issues are the core of any fight - ARTICLE

When you fight, your relationship is under attack - ARTICLE

Clash between energy realities - ARTICLE

Why a psychic battle? - ARTICLE

Fighting is a natural instinct - ARTICLE

What is wrong then? - ARTICLE

Underlying dynamics triggering fights - ARTICLE

Fight triggers - ARTICLE

Shift from fighting to constructive communication - ARTICLE

How to learn these new skills? - ARTICLE

If your partner irritates you - ARTICLE

Get in tune with each other - ARTICLE

Best strategies to stop fights - ARTICLE


Fighting skills - ARTICLE

Extra power and confidence - ARTICLE


Shift from fight to dialogue - ARTICLE

The number one strategy to solve unwanted fights - ARTICLE

Drop it! - ARTICLE

Dare to take some distance - ARTICLE

How to give each other space - ARTICLE

Get extra power and enjoy the fight - ARTICLE

How to win fights - ARTICLE

Anger and aggressiveness are okay - ARTICLE

Give rhythm - ARTICLE

A natural need - ARTICLE

Respect your body - ARTICLE

Love fights - ARTICLE

Use your psychic power - ARTICLE

Fighting weapons - ARTICLE

Play the fighting game - ARTICLE

Fighting over your children's education - ARTICLE

He doesn't want to commit - ARTICLE

What if you want to argue but they don't? - ARTICLE

Control free or control freak? - ARTICLE

Wrong timing! - ARTICLE

Don't let life challenges negatively impact on your couple - ARTICLE

What if you tend to lose your temper? - ARTICLE

If they don't do what you want - ARTICLE

What if you disagree? - ARTICLE

My partner is systematically late or doesn't even show up! - ARTICLE

My partner harasses me with endless demands - ARTICLE

Are you emotionally abused? - ARTICLE

Work and business taking a toll on us - ARTICLE

Fighting over lack of reassurance and validation - ARTICLE

I have an angry husband - ARTICLE

Fighting is destroying our marriage - ARTICLE

Husband gets mad when I express my anger - ARTICLE

Too many of our conversations turn into fights - ARTICLE

My partner will not let us finish an argument - ARTICLE

Am I wrong for reacting that way? - ARTICLE

He is lying about credit card purchases - ARTICLE

I am so angry! He left me with his sister! - ARTICLE

When we argue, I tend to hurt myself - ARTICLE

We systematically argue without reason - How to fix this? - ARTICLE

What if he does not want to commit - ARTICLE

Should you give them another chance if they cheat? - ARTICLE

Sex - Articles

10 tips to wake up your senses - ARTICLE 

How to ad spice to your sex life - ARTICLE 

How to rebuild sexual attraction when your relationship is in trouble - ARTICLE 

Wake up your passion, fun, pleasure, delight and desire - ARTICLE 

The number one strategy to keep him interested - ARTICLE 

His sex drive has dropped - What can I do about it? - ARTICLE 

We had sex all the time - Now not even once a month - ARTICLE 

Should you talk about sex issues? - ARTICLE 

Our sex life is slowly disappearing - ARTICLE 

Wake up the spark! - ARTICLE 

Why passion sometimes dies out and what to do about it - ARTICLE

Why spending time apart is very healthy for your relationship - ARTICLE 

I feel I've fallen out of love with him - Should I leave? - ARTICLE 

I had all these dreams - Now I feel limited in my relationship! - ARTICLE 

Help!!?? My bf says he's bored with me! - ARTICLE 

My relationship with my bf is getting dull! - ARTICLE 

I dated guys before but never had sex - ARTICLE 

He says he might be gay - ARTICLE 

Intimacy challenge - ARTICLE 

Understand men - Articles

Should you tell him that you want babies? - ARTICLE

Do guys like it when you are kind with them? - ARTICLE

Does he like you as a girlfriend or just a friend? - ARTICLE

He suddenly stopped talking to me - Why? - ARTICLE

He just got divorced - Why isn't he moving in with me and marrying me? - ARTICLE

What is stopping him from asking you out? - ARTICLE

He always has all of his friends around him - ARTICLE

He flirts with me all the time - ARTICLE

He is shy & seems not to trust women - ARTICLE

He likes me but doesn't like my style - ARTICLE

He never had a girlfriend - ARTICLE

He never replied - ARTICLE

He seems to be all about his friends - ARTICLE

He told me that he loved me as more then a friend - ARTICLE

I feel like he is avoiding me - ARTICLE

I know he's not ready to get into anything serious - ARTICLE

I know he likes me but he is not acting on it - ARTICLE

If a man is not responding - ARTICLE

Is he telling the truth? - ARTICLE

What to do to get this other guy back? - ARTICLE

Why don't guys call right away? - ARTICLE

How to challenge him - ARTICLE

How to be successful with guys - ARTICLE

What is the first quality a man looks for in a woman? - ARTICLE

Is he flirting with you? - ARTICLE

What to expect from a guy who flirts with you? - ARTICLE

How much do looks really mean for men? - ARTICLE

How to make him feel at ease? - ARTICLE

You like him - Should you tell him? - ARTICLE

Does it work to play hard to get? - ARTICLE

What can stop him from asking you out? - ARTICLE

Do guys give mixed signals? Do they play games? - ARTICLE

Can you intimidate guys? - ARTICLE

I don't get it! Do guys prefer bitchy girls? - ARTICLE

He rarely calls me and cancels dates? What's up with him? - ARTICLE

What to do with a man who does not communicate - ARTICLE

What if he never says "I love you"?

What to do if he does not want to open up - ARTICLE

He works all the time - Now I feel worlds apart from him - ARTICLE

Why do men build walls? - ARTICLE

Why he doesn't share his feelings the way you do - ARTICLE

I do everything for him! - He's still irritated with me - ARTICLE

How to deal with your partner's midlife crisis - ARTICLE

He faces a midlife crisis - How to protect yourself - ARTICLE

Don't take responsibility for his midlife crisis - ARTICLE

Couple dynamics - Articles

Power to your couple! - ARTICLE 

New relationship equations - ARTICLE 

Two keys - Freedom and renewal - ARTICLE 

Use your renewal power - ARTICLE 

Keep evolving to stay together - ARTICLE 

Your romantic dream and actual reality - ARTICLE 

Set up the right priorities - ARTICLE 

10 steps to a dynamic relationship - ARTICLE 

More keys for dynamic relationships - ARTICLE 

Identify your key challenges - ARTICLE 

Channel of love - ARTICLE 

How to manifest change in your couple - ARTICLE 

Protect your individual integrity - ARTICLE 

How exclusive do you want to be in your relationship? - ARTICLE 

How to build up trust - ARTICLE 

More complicity in your couple - ARTICLE 

How to manifest power in your relationship - ARTICLE 

Avoid power trips - ARTICLE 

How to deal with challenges - ARTICLE 

How to deal with invasive friends, exes or in laws - ARTICLE 

Relationship sabotage - Articles

Relationship sabotage - TOP QUESTIONS - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Top questions to ask yourself - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Type of dilemmas we discovered so far - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - the core ideas we identified so far - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - I AM AFRAID - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - I AM NOT READY - NOTE 



Relationship sabotage - Committed/Non-committed dilemma - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Sabotage stops when you have the skills to stay safe - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Boredom/Passion dilemma - NOTE

Relationship sabotage - Intimacy challenges - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Emotionally safe/unsafe dilemma - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Model 2 - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Model 1 - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Where do negative self destructive emotions come from? - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Conclusions so far - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Subconscious emotions - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Commitment/Freedom dilemma - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Pain/Pleasure dilemma - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - What are these dilemmas? - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - How to solve it - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Core sabotage attitudes - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Examples - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Coaching targets - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Coaching strategy - Coaching questions - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Sabotage happens when you are internally divided - you are not one - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Why people sometimes try to control your life and how to stop these patterns - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - What triggers control, demands and insecurity in others - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - How to create safety for you and your date - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Positive conversation - Role play - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Sabotage patterns - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Positive emotions and their opposite - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - What happens when you bring negative emotions into a relationship - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Relationship skills - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - The reason why your love life might not be fulfilled is because the love vibration is not strong enough - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Love is an energy you can train - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Open the love channels in your life - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Love building techniques - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - It happens because you are internally divided - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - Relationships dilemmas and why people sometimes sabotage their love life - NOTE 

Relationship sabotage - I make them into villains that are going to consume me - NOTE 

Infidelity - Articles

Should you give them another chance if they cheat? - ARTICLE

Marriage - Articles

He doesn't want to commit - ARTICLE

Getting engaged - ARTICLE

How to POP the Question - ARTICLE

Marriage recovery - ARTICLE

Do you have what it takes to have a successful marriage? - ARTICLE


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I no longer feel sexual attraction for my husband

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Control Freak? - SHE IS FREE!

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Use MIRROR tactic

I trust you!

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