I sent her a letter but no answer

I sent her a letter but no answer

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:01 am

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Well about a week ago I sent a girl I like, and I have known her for a long time for like 3 years, a letter becasue I got tired of calling her and not being home because of her work. Before I go on, let me fill you in....

**We've been really close friends since the 10th grade, even though we were friends in the 8th grade. We'd always do things together and she really made me feel like she cared about me and I really cared about her. We went on trips together and I go to her house and she go to mine and we were just close. We never dated because I was scared, however I did like her. She seemed like she liked me too because she'd always poke me in the shoulder really hard and she'd push me playfully and she'd say my name and say 'nothing' and she called me alot and told me stuff about her sort term BF to get me jealous and she took all my sayings and plus, I could see something in her eyes just for me. We laugh alot too and I make her happyer more than her other friends did. We graduated but she got mad at me because I was trying to get with another girl. After that, I havent spoken ot her since and its been a year and I'm in college.**

Anyway, I wrote her a letter because I want to get everything started again, but I havent gotten anything back or even a respons even after telling her to do so. She should have gotten the letter by now, which told her that I miss her company, I enjoy her company, and lets do somrthing together sometime. I've decided from the start of the letter thing that if seh didnt respond in a certain time, I wouldn't worry about it anymore and leave her alone forever, but I don't want to.

Rgith now, I'm kindda on No contact with her becaseu of the letter, which doesnt seem to be working. If she did like me, is it possible she doesnt now because of not talking to her for so long or is she playing coy or what? Please give me an answer.

Postby vitalcoach » Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:57 am

A "no answer" is actually her answer. She is giving you a signal but because of your feelings you don't to accept her answer.

I know that's tough. There is of course a chance that the letter got lost, or that she is thinking about it or simply that she's dating someone else.

There are dozens of possibilities. When you are far away from each other, you have very little control.

In my opionion, the letter you sent could be a turn off. It might be long, sentimental and totally open, but in fact it might be quite different than what she needs to receive from you.

She obviously enjoys flirting and teasing. When you send her this letter, you probably talk about relationship committment, being made for each other, all these things.

What she wants is fun, lightness, freedom, flirt. She might be on a very different wave length than you are and maybe totally surprised by your message. She does not know what to do with it.

In my opinion a short one line message (for instance: "Party, Saturday?" on a funny post card, might work better than a long sentimental letter.)

Wait a couple of weeks and give it another shot. Gain confidence and change your communication style. She'll might go for it and respond.

take it lightly

Good luck and stay in touch


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