I told her I had a crush on her. Now she's gone!

I told her I had a crush on her. Now she's gone!

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 30, 2004 8:30 am

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Yea so there's this girl that I've been close friends with for the past year (people even thought we were going out recently) And the thing about this is that recently I've finally accepted that I like her and that I want to be with her after I used to deny that I did for so long...

But a couple of days ago she sends me this letter saying shes suddenly moved away...across the country (by herself)... Right now I am sooo upset that she had to leave like this, I mean she didn't even bother to say goodbye to me and she didn't even leave me an address to contact her at and, on top of that, even changed her cell #... She told me in her letter that it was too hard to say goodbye to me because of how close we are and how one day I will understand why she did this...

I'm sooo confused I mean I just wish she had at least given me the chance to say goodbye because then at least I wouldn't have to live with the fact that I never got to tell her how I felt about her you know? I dunno what to do I mean should I just give up on her and move on or should I still try to find her and tell her these things? Man I wish she hadn't left like this, I'm gonna miss her SOOOO much.....

Postby vitalcoach » Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:29 pm


All these steps she took are pretty clear. She wants space and takes it.

Best response? Let her go and focus on your own life. That's what she did.

Get back whatever you invested in her and give to theose who can give you something in return. Love, friendhip, dating is an exchnage. Right now, she doesn't look like someone who is ready to give you in any way.

Get your full power back and focus on your own life and destiny. Pursuying her will take you off track.

Good luck and stay in touch


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