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I went out with this guy I met thru an online website. After the first date he sent me the following e-mail:
I am sorry I was not able to reply earlie. I do hope you are well and smiling more often. I have been thinking a lot about you and I am very confused. I sat across from you and loved every part of you and especially your eyes. I am just a bit hesitant to move forward with you as it appears we may not be at the same place and at the right time for one another. I am a person that goes with the flow and you seem to be very set in your ways and ideas. I really wished you could have asked more questions and were able to communicate and discuss more freely.. You are no doubt a incredible person and someone I am proud to have met.. I just don't know if you will be able to allow me to really know you and enjoy more of your smile and fun. I hope you understand and know that meeting you was a pleasure..

So, I replied back saying that it took me time to open up, that with patience and time he would see my qualities. We went on a second date and he sent me the following e-mail:
Hope you had a nice weekend.. I am sorry it has ben so long since I
called or responded to your e-mail.. I had to work the whole weekend.
It has given me a lot of time to think about you and the possibilities.
I was disappointed that when we last met and finally kissed you did not
respond and i could not feel your connection or any passion.. I know it
is in you, but maybe it it not intended for me. I had hoped we would
kiss and i would feel your magic. I am happy that we did try again and
to have met you. Definitely a very special woman and very unique.. It
just seems you are not right for me and who knows I may not have been
what you were looking for. Your eyes will always be a thought for me
and I will smile when i think of them.. I wish you the best in your
search for someone that fits in your world and hope you get what you
want and are looking for...Take care..

I agree with the kiss part, I think that it was because I didn't feel like I could trust him, I kept getting this nagging feeling all along, like maybe he was a player. I felt like he was pressuring me too much and coming on too strong, like I had to prove myself to him...oh well it's over and done with. My question is should I respond back wishing him good luck, etc. or should I just let it be? :(
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Postby vitalcoach » Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:28 am

Sure, answer back wishing him all the best.

A short two lines email works best than a long confusing explanataion.

Keep it simple :wink:

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