I rejected him before. Now I want him back

I rejected him before. Now I want him back

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:52 am

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I had never had a bf before and I guess I got scared away. I think that he may have been upset and felt rejected. Anyway, we kinda lost touch and both dated other people. Now we're both single again and have been hanging out and talking quite a lot and we have a lot of fun together.

I like him but I can't tell if he likes me. I can't tell if he likes me but is being cautious because of our history or if he isn't interested. We flirt a lot and he says he wants to hang out more. How do I tell if he likes me? Should I ask him out to dinner? Any advice would be great! How should I proceed?

Postby vitalcoach » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:56 pm


You rejected him once and this is the last message he remembers. There hasn't been any new definite signal from you. It's like you did put a limit in his mind and this limit is still in him.

In a way, you educated him. He listened. He got it. He acts on it and keeps his resepectful distance.

If you want him to take steps, there is something simple you can say: "You know what, if you were jumping on me right now, I would go for it!"

A guy can actually be educated. Tell him you are open.

If you are still in the rebound and are not sure about wanting him in your life, stay on the more innocent flirting ground.

This is fine in itself. Let it mature and enjoy it for what it is. No need to rush if you are still getting over you past bf.

Does this make sense?

Good luck and stay in touch


PS: If you open up and then reject him again, this will be tough on both of you and you'll loose a good friend. You'll sound complicate. A big turn off! Ask yourself: "do I really want o go for it?" before opening up

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