What's up with her?

What's up with her?

Postby Guest » Sun Jun 13, 2004 3:09 am

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theres this girl at my school which i used to have a great relationship with. i liked her alot and i knew she liked me. we would always talk in class wiht always a smile on her face. one day she transfers out of the class into a diff one. now when i see her she just doesnt talk to me and just walks passes me talking to her friends like shes really enjoying herself and acting like nothins going on.

We had such a great bond and all of a sudden it stops. i see her at least once a day in the halls or before or after classes. i can see her looking at me but when i lok at her she just looks away and talks to her friends. she just acts like im not even there.

I still have feelings for her and just cant get this out of my mind. i want to know whats goin on with her and i really want us to be together. can anyone explain her behavior? thanks.

Postby vitalcoach » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:57 pm

girls are magnetically attracted by self confidence. When she sees you, she might feel you are desperate to talk to her. She might see you isolated and these signs are all turn offs for her.

For her to get back to you, she needs to see a guy who is confident, independent and as well popular with other girls.

The more you focus on her, the more, she'll run away.

She, on the other hand is moving on. Do the same. Don't look like you depend on her. Disinvest and move on.

It's a bit of a power game.

The only way: gain extra power and confidence. This will radically shift the balance and the way you feel right now.

Good luck and stay in touch


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