We kissed - Then she disappears!

We kissed - Then she disappears!

Postby guest » Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:53 am

Hey currently I am staying in Budapest, Hungary and just recently I could of easily brought two girls home but I didn't.

So I met the first one and I asked her in Hungarian if she spoke french or english since I can't speak well in Hungarian. So we talked in french for maybe an hour or so and then she said she was going to look for her friends and then she disappeared.

She seemed really interested in me. I wanted to ask for her cell number after she met with her friends but I couldn't find her. I don't know what I did wrong?

okay the second one we became physical after talking a little bit.

We danced for a while and then started making out. After a bit she said she was going to see her friends. And I waited and I found her again but I saw her with someone else. So I don't know what went wrong. She seemed interested but I dont know.

I guess kissing a girl doesn't mean anything anymore. Could you please give a suggestion. It would be deeply appreciated.

Sincerely K
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Postby vitalcoach » Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:02 am

Nothing went wrong. She is obviously open to share light intimacy quite easily.

What could you do differently so that they stick around longer?

well, if you are a foreigner over there, it could simply be that she is not that open to date you. It has to do with cultural differences and maybe how her friends or family could react.

She probably enjoys her freedom as well and rather than feeling committed to one man, she prefers having connections with many guys, no strings attached.

In both cases, I think that's what happened.

Get this:

Good luck

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