Is love a commitment?

Is love a commitment?

Postby Sam » Tue May 25, 2004 1:42 pm

Hiz Coach n People!!

It irritates me and people call it "Love"!! I have seen many people around me FALLING in love and I think it's quite normal but I don't prefer it for myself. Maybe it is because of Commitment or making any relation ?!!
Cauz i have seen that Love always ends in high expectations such as a relation called "Marriage" and Marriage seems to me a bond. But Love irritates me and I don't know why!! :roll:
Love has many kinds. Having Love for Human beings, for parents, for siblings, for mates, friends etc but I am talking about to have this feeling for someone special. and that is only 1 feeling that irritates me when it develops for me by someone else. It never happens to me.

What Love irritates me :?: :shock: :idea:
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