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Im trying to get over this guy named josh i cant stop thinking about him his first or last name comes up and his home town one time i poured out beads and his name was there although it was love at first sight everybody makes fun of embarasing. he was sitting right beside me at lunch and this girl said "HEY JOSH COME KISS YOUR NEW WIFE"
infront of everybody :evil: :cry: how can i live i need to get over him can you help?

ps. :mrgreen: my math teacher hung my feelings note on the board for everybody to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

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When they tease you, simply smile and ignore.

It will go away once they realize your don't respond to it.

As for getting over him, the best is to actively connect with other guys.

It's okay to fall in love but don't let this ever take you down. Love is something to be enjoyed, always!

Remember this. It will help you next time you feel attracted to a guy.

check this e-book: ... dating.htm

It gives you lots of extra tools to deal with a crush

Good luck! :wink:


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