My partner at work declared his love for me!!

My partner at work declared his love for me!!

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 30, 2004 3:05 pm


I've been in similar situations before, but this time is different,

I just started this new job, and it is the opportunity of a lifetime...
Our job requires us to work together...and the worst part of all this is that he is a great guy, successfull, nice, a gentleman, good looking, I mean everything a girl can want...

he is in his late twenties, and is in that stage where he wants to settle down, and all he needs in his life is a girl to complete him...
I just came out of a 2 yr relationship (two weeks ago) I moved out, I'm broken hearted, and my partner(work) has been there to support me when I;m feeling down...we have gone out to eat after work, during the week, and he knows all my relationship turmoils, he gives me great advice, and has been very supportive.

I like him as a friend, and right now I'm not ready for a relationship, AND, my job is my life right now.

I'm in love with another man, and we can't get it together, he's one of those bad boys, AND THEN this great guy in the wrong place at the wrong time (literary) comes nockin on my door
Last night he declared his feelings for me after a great dinner, and I was very understanding about his feelings...but I let him know that I want to be friends.
Idon't know how work is gonna be next monday, but I don't want to hurt him either.

Postby vitalcoach » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:57 am

Congratulations. Looks like you followed your instinct and said exactly what he needed to hear.

Trust your instinct with that. You say:

"I like him as a friend, and right now I'm not ready for a relationship"

Trust yourself with that. Your instinct is guiding you right.

Monday? be straight, direct and behave exactly the way you did before, What happened has no reason to shift the ground of your friendship.

Stay confident and empower this friendhip even more. I think you have all the skills to find the right moves. Don't apologize, don't make yourself smaller, or feel guilty.

In a situation like that, he might expect some form of explanation. It could be wise to meet him again out of work in a week or so, go for a drink and take a moment to tell him why you can't start a relationship with him right now (needing space after a break up is something I am sure he can understand and respect).

Tell him how much you value his friendship and that for the time being you would like this to stay.

Does this make sense?

good luck and stay in touch


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