He was really, really interested in me

He was really, really interested in me

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:49 am

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This is dumb. So dumb.

I met a guy at a bar. He manages it, and was really, really interested in me. He hung out with me all night, gave my friend and I free drinks, escorted us around, and was generally highly interested in me.

We left and he didn't ask for my number, but he did tell me to stop by any time and visit him. A few days passed and he got my e-mail address (long story as to how) and wrote me a nice e-mail telling me he had fun talking to me, that he wanted me to come back, and so on. He said, four different times, that he wanted me to come down again. Told me to call and let him know when I'd come, if I wanted to.

He gave me his work and cell numbers, and also his e-mail address.

I responded to his e-mail and said I'd love to come down, and asked what day would be good. Again, I stress that he said four (4) times in one paragraph to call him when I wanted to come down, and that he hoped it'd be soon.

He didn't write back. It's been three days. Now tonight is Saturday night and I don't have any plans after 10:30 and it'd be a perfect night to go see him.

But he didn't write back! If you were interested in someone and e-mailed them, wouldn't you check your e-mail to see if they responded? Or do you think he's just expecting me to call? Maybe he got the e-mail and changed his mind?

Will I look like a complete loser if I go back to the club alone (all my friends are with their boyfriends)? Should I just go? Or wait till he finally writes back?

He said to call... but I hate calling men. But he was so encouraging! But I'll look like a loser if I go alone on a Saturday night. Help! I like this guy! Why didn't he write back? Could he really have not checked his e-mail and is just expecting me to call? My friends say I should go. My mom said I should wait. Help!

Postby vitalcoach » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:29 pm

I wanted to give you a word of insight in a male's psychy.

Guys love challenges. I think this guy is one of them.

Part of the dating thrill has to do with seduction, and being able to reach someone who seems unreachable.

This "seduction" game is exciting. As someone else mentioned, he went out of his way to get your email. He had to take steps to conquer you.

If you go now to the bar without your friends, here is what he will hear: "Here I am! I am all yours!"

This drops all the flirting game at once. In my opinion, it kills the mystery.

Playing "the game" would work better. Send him a text message saying something like: "catch me if you can" would be more effective in keeping him in the mood he is in.

Guys love being seduced. If you go to his bar, go with some friends. Be open, be fun and give him a taste of what he could get with you.

This is not about playing hard to get. It's not either a mind a game. the goal is simple: wake up his need to conquer you. Tease him with that.

Does this make sense?

Good luck and stay in touch


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