I want more but he wants to keep our relationship secret

I want more but he wants to keep our relationship secret

Postby Guest » Sat Jun 12, 2004 12:52 pm

Mr.X and I have been together almost 1 year, every thing in our relationship seems to be to good to be true, we spend almost every moment of our time together, live about 6 houses apart, we have been friends 7 years, our kids go to school together, they are inseparable. My problem is this; His son is still unaware that we are dating.

It hurts to sneak around and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to do this. I?m at the point now where I am ready to commit to a full time adult relationship with him; he is every thing I have ever wanted and more. I want it all, well not to get married, but I want to quit playing games I want full commitment. The way I see it is this, every night we wait for the kids to go to bed, then we climb in bed together, and every morning before the kids get up he leaves the room.

I hate sneaking; it makes me feel like we are doing some thing wrong. Why do we waist an extra $1500-1800 a month having two houses, fear? What is he so afraid of? He said his son is not ready and to trust him, be patient and give him time.

Am I missing some thing here?

Postby vitalcoach » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:56 pm


I believe that timing and context can make a huge difference when having a conversation with him:

You can set up a special time to talk about thsi specific topic. You can say something like: "There is something i need to share with you but i really need time and space to do it right..."

Then set aside on a fixed time and day at least 30-60 min to check this out.

check this link for ideas on how to do this:

Get some drinks, get confortable and simply say what you feel, and ask about his own needs and desires.

Right now, you are ready. He is holding back. Find out exactly what's happening in his mind. If he has fears or other plans, find out exactly what they are.

No pressure, no demand, simply an open shraing of ideas and wishes.

Good luck and stay in touch


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