Wake up your conquering power! – ARTICLE

A purpose gap is a motivation gap.

You miss goals.

Are you in this situation?

What can you do about it?

If all you see in and around is a landscape which bores you to death, you face what we call a purpose gap.

You lack fire, desire, direction and meaning.

It is quite common.

It can hit you hard.

It is usually triggered by other events.

The moment you are in it, what can you do about it?

Something is draining you!

You have a reserve of will power and energy in you but something does not let you reach it.

Life force flows in your being.

It flows in your actions.

If flows in your mind.

When you feel a purpose gap, none of the goals you see make sense.

What is missing is thrill and excitement.

What do you miss exactly?

A connection with your will power and conquering force.

Your conquering power is this intense desire to reach out beyond the limits of what you already know.

When you feel a purpose gap, it means that something is draining this fire out of your system.

It can be education, conditioning, family, work…

The fact is that your conquering drive is not being expressed.

Thrill and excitement are precious as gold.

Missing them is like missing the salt in your life.

Why do you miss fire and excitement?

Because something is taking it away from you.

It can be a mind set, negative past experiences, something which attacks your self esteem or personal base.

Imagine a city with no real fire.

Imagine your life without burning fire.

Excitement is a key quality.

You were born with a reserve of it. Everyone is.

What can stop it from freely flowing in your life is a negative mind set, something which diverts the free flow of life power in your life.

Maybe you were abused.

Maybe you feel drained.

Maybe you simply can’t find this quality in you.

Fire is precious.

Fire is emotional fuel.

It is a quality worth fighting for.

If you don’t feel it in your being right now, it is time to go and find it.

How? Wake up the passion!

The discovery of fire was one of the most incredible advances of humankind.

After that, tribes would fight for it.

Fire gives you power.

You have an infinite reserve of it inside of you.

It is in you waiting to be woken up and used.

Wake up your conquering drive and find it in you.

There is not a given technique.

The strategy you use is not what matters.

What matters is your desire to wake it up.

You see, this is a small tiny river of desire.

This is how it all starts.

Desire is something you can wake up and concentrate.

Don’t suppress your desire. Give it space. Nurture it. Act on it!

Imagine this tiny growing flame.

You need to nurture it and blow on it to make it grow.

Your desire works in a similar way.

Use your will power.

It is your right.

Choose targets.

Choose goals you are excited about.

You might have given up on targets you feel excited about.




Take a tiny little stream of desire and make it grow.

It does not matter what it is.

Nurture it!

Feed it!

Use your conquering power. Wake up your senses.

Your desires are your emotional fuel.

What matters is what you want.

Excitement and thrill is a mind set.

Wake up this mind set in you.

Wake up your conquering drive!