What can stop you?

What can stop you?

I will be very direct with you okay? You simply get used to your comfort zone.

Nothing wrong with that. The modern life style and set of habits and behaviors simply tends to create this inner landscape.

Your inner landscape is a conditioning. It is what you eat, in the morning. It is your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

This present landscape is of course not your ultimate limits. It is only the limits that you accept for now. That’s as far as you traveled and yes! Definitely yes! There is more. So much more.

Your present limits are not your real limits.

Your real limits will never be reached because no matter how far you go, you can always evolve further. There is no risk of ever reaching the end of your evolutionary journey.

To go from where you are to where you want to be, you need to go for the challenge. There is no way you can gain extra power by sitting back and simply comforting yourself within the limits of what you already know.

More power means more speed. It means extra opening, awareness, dynamism, perspective shifts. To gain power you need to change significant behaviors and life attitudes and check your belief system. You might discover that what you call your world is not yours. It is a temporary mind set that you accept as yours for now.

In fact, when you start evolving, you shift as well your environment. You shift friends, work situation, habit patterns, etc.

This is not a one day radical shift. It’s more like a progressive evolution of what you call you equilibrium. You are never in empty space but you do accept to throw away some old “clothes” you no longer need.

What can stop you? Too much attachment to your past and present. This attachment is a form of controlling force. If you invest too much in your past, this is where your consciousness stays. Your life can either be an old photo album or a dynamic flow of life force moving you into the future.

Of course you need memories. What matters is how much weight you give them.

The more comfortable you feel within your present environment, the less energy you have to rebuild your life, present and future.

To gain power, you need to respond to challenges. Risk taking builds up power. Anything which allows you to grow beyond your present limits builds up your confidence.

What can stop you from looking beyond your present fence is simply fear, doubts and hesitations. It’s not only in you. It can be as well what you heard from others, years of conditioning and self limiting beliefs.

Building up your personal power is a choice. It is a choice between security and challenge. It is a choice between past and future. It is a choice between shutting down or opening.

The moment you make that choice and decide to connect with your own forces of evolution, there is no limit of what you can achieve. This can take you forward, and stimulate every single step along the path.

This choice is yours, always. When you see opportunities, you can embrace them and nurture them. You can feed your dreams or let them die. You can refresh your existence by trying new things or simply comfort your life within the limits of what you already know.