What if he doesn’t respond? – ARTICLE

You probably experienced that a few times, right?

You smile to a guy and he stays as cold as an ice block.

Inside, you go… “What’s wrong with me?”, “What did I do?”, How come he doesn’t like me?”, etc.

Have you ever been fishing?

Imagine going to the lake, watching the water and saying:

“I want this fish!”

Got it?

It’s easier when you try to catch any fish rather than THE fish you have in mind.

This is strategy number one:

You have to stay open and go with the flow of opportunities and possibilities which are there in front of you.

Once your flirting energy starts flowing, you become really good at catching just about any fish you want, right?

In the beginning, however, you better go with the flow and offer your flirting energy to whoever wants to play.

You’ll be surprised of how many doors open up once you simply stay flexible rather than fixed on one single guy.

If the guy you like does not respond, don’t let rejection stop you.

Rejection is like an arrow bouncing on the surface of your mind.

Inside yourself, think: “Jerk!” and move on.

The moment he sees you enjoying the partly immensely and being all popular with other guys, it will make him curious and he will want to know more about this amazing girl who connects so easily with everyone.

He’ll ask a friend: “Who is she?”

And the friend will just say: “She’s great. I met her a couple of times in town and she’s smart and so much fun to talk to”

See how it works? He’s hooked in an instant.

If you focus on just one guy, you’ll miss dozens of opportunities to train your flirting skills and make yourself popular wherever you are.

I’ll give you an example:

The other day, I was at a party.

As I was walking in front of this gorgeous girl, she just looks at me straight in the eyes, smiles and says “Hi!”.

She was with someone. Obviously she was not trying hard to hit on me or trying to seduce me.

She was just being friendly.

It was perfect.

Her attitude was perfect.

If a guy would witness that, he would think: “Whaou!” and tell his friends about her.

I saw her again in town a couple of times and mentioned the episode to another friend of mine.

This style does work and it works for one simple reason: she is not pursuing, trying hard or behaving like a bitch.

She seems at ease with everyone and is not afraid of being friendly.

At the same time, I am sure that she could show her claws anytime if a space invader shows up.

Here are the qualities which summarize it:

· Open

· Friendly

· Rejection proof

· Confident

This is the perfect flirting base you can start with.

If a guy does not respond to your first flirting invitation, your chances are never blown!