What to do if he is already with someone? – ARTICLE

When you realize that a man you like is already with someone, there are two roles you can play.

· The first role is the challenger.

· The second role is the accomplice.

The choice is yours of course.

Now, if you challenge his partner or girl friend and start flirting with that man, someone can get hurt.

If you go into the battle and conquering mood, you might win this man’s attention.

However, I would like you to think twice before you take action.

Imagine for a second playing another role.

Imagine telling this couple something like: “You two look great together. I can see you share something special. I would love to flirt with your partner but obviously, he already found his muse…”

Imagine how this makes them feel.

They feel valued.

Instead of flirting with him, you “flirt with the couple”.

You feed their love and strengthen the link between the two of them.

You respect their relationship.

The choice is yours always.

You decide what role you want to play.